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State Education Departments

Alabama State Department of Education
Learn about Alabama's certification requirements and find educational links and a directory of publications.

Alaska Department of Education
Browse education statistics, find forms and applications, and read about teacher certification and employment information.

Arizona Department of Education
Find updated requirements for teacher certification and look through school support programs. Includes department contact information.

Arkansas Department of Education
Get descriptions of levels and areas of licensure. Also provides news, curriculum and program information, a calendar and links for parents.

California Academic Content Standards
Presents the standards adopted by the State Board of Education by level, from K-12. Provides downloadable curriculum frameworks by subject.

California Department of Education
Review Academic Performance Index details, budget and grant info, child and adult education programs, grant legislation, research and more.

California State Board of Education
Branch of the Dept. of Education features its academic content standards for public schools in four areas. See member bios and meeting minutes.

Colorado Department of Education
Governmental department details policies, programs and funding of the public school system.

Connecticut State Department of Education
Visit the commissioner's office, read through the updated press releases and look for job opportunities. Includes contact and legal information.

Delaware Department of Education
Access curriculum standards, browse the department's contact directory and read through Delaware's teaching standards.

Discover North Dakota - Education
Official government site offers information on educational grants, legislation updates, programs and services for all school levels.

Florida Department of Education
Get acquainted with the teacher certification process, look through employment and telephone directories and locate state statistics.

Hawaii Department of Education
Provides curriculum resources, a board of education directory and technology information. Includes teacher qualification requirements.

Idaho Department of Education
Look through the email directory and an events calendar, and gather curriculum and instruction information.

Illinois State Board of Education
Gather financial accountability information, get acquainted with teacher certification requirements, and read through the learning standards.

Indiana Department of Education
Central resource for Indiana's public school system provides links to school pages, legal services, special education and online publications.

Iowa Department of Education
Find out about area education agencies, community colleges and state libraries. Includes an Iowa education directory.

Kansas State Department of Education
Get acquainted with the state's certification program, look through an education agency directory, and check for employment opportunities.

Kentucky Department of Education
Locate test results of Kentucky's schools, a directory and map of schools and districts, plus resources to assist parents. Includes an event calendar.

Maine Department of Education
Supplies certification information, department statistics and links to school Web pages. Download enrollment and budget forms.

Maryland State Department of Education
Find local education agencies, browse through the department's fact sheet and meet the board of education. Includes a department directory.

Massachusetts Department of Education
View the news making headlines at the this department of education. Includes resources and details about educational technology.

Michigan Department of Education
Find educational reports and statistics, grant information, teacher resources and educational links.

Minnesota Department of Children & Families Learning
Get acquainted with Minnesota's department of education by looking through programs and services, workshops and news.

Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education
Read data and publications related to schools in Missouri. Includes news, programs and details about education initiatives.

Montana Office of Public Instruction
Offers a profile of the Montana educational system. Includes a complete schedule of internal conferences and workshops in all departments.

Nebraska Department of Education
Look through education support services, read the teacher certification guidelines and find grant information. Includes department newsletters.

Nevada Department of Education
Look through the calendar of events, get acquainted with academic standards and read the licensure requirements. Includes job listings.

New Hampshire Department of Education
Access curriculum frameworks, certification alternatives and department directories. Also includes funding information.

New Jersey Department of Education
Supplies continuing education, whole school reform and assessment information. Find resources for educators, parents and students.

New York State Education Department
Supplies a thorough guide to professional licensing procedures, along with department directories, news and job listings.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Gather licensure information, check out news updates and read the state's education legislative report. Includes a publications catalog.

Ohio Department of Education
Offers a guide to the various divisions, elected officials and programs related to education in the State. Find conferences and curriculum.

Oklahoma State Department of Education
Details curriculums, publications, board members and legislation. View an events calendar, documents and teaching manuals.

Oregon Department of Education
Supplies a school directory, a relocation resource page and curriculum information. Includes statistics and general reports.

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Get acquainted with the state's academic standards and performance incentives and look over school programs. Has links to school districts.

Rhode Island Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education
Supplies a listing of education offices, educational projects and planning documents. Includes a personnel directory.

South Carolina Department of Education
Provides teacher education and certification guidelines, monthly department news updates and a report and publication directory.

South Dakota Dept. of Education & Cultural Affairs
Access an index of government programs and services, a directory of schools and testing information.

State of New Mexico Department of Education
Includes links to learning, administrative, transportation and finance information. Also supplies a calendar of events.

Tennessee Department of Education
Supplies school statistics and reports, a description of education initiatives and separate resources for educators and students.

Texas Education Agency
Investigate school news, laws, rules, data and curriculums developed by the state's education. Includes details about finance and grants.

Utah State Office of Education
Look through the state's curriculum guidelines and find out about teacher certification. Includes information about special education.

Vermont - Department of Education
Offers an information clearinghouse of educational matters in the state. Link to studies, institutes and surveys.

Virginia Department of Education
Find resources for parents and educators in Virginia and learn about state funding of education. Link to local school districts.

Washington State Board of Education
Find out about meetings, teaching standards, professional education and certification guidelines. View publications and policy.

West Virginia Department of Education
Presents the department's education goals, provides curriculum information and supplies links to schools' home pages. Check out the job bank.

Wisconsin Department of Instruction
Look through the staff directory, check out the library's full-text databases and read about the state's programs and initiatives.

Wyoming Department of Education
Provides such categories as programs and services, publications, people and offices. View the monthly news updates.
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