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Web Searching Tips

35 Ways to Land a Job Online
Offers tips for rewriting a resume, lists 11 popular job sites and provides tips for choosing the right job.

Amazon.com - Job Seeking Software
Find various titles designed to help create resumes, cover letters and wanted ads.

Black Enterprise- Finding a Job on the Web
Offers advice for job hunters, provides resume writing tips and lists 20 sites for employment searches and career development on the Web.

Career Job Search
Offers job hunters strategies for interviewing, negotiating salaries, job searching on the Web, or writing and posting resumes and letters.

Computer Weekly - Netting a Job Off the Net
Offers advice on electronic job searching and research techniques. Find out about placing resumes online and what to avoid when submitting.

Computing Canada - Web Can Be an Excellent Matchmaker
Focuses on the use of Usenet newsgroups and corporate Web sites for effective job searches.

EContent - Help Wanted Ads on the Web
Feb 2000 piece outlining the useful company research to be found in work advertisements, also providing info on how to find these ads.

Guide to Online Job Banks
Up Software reviews the leading job-resume banks on the Web and offers brief synopses, search features, and positive and negative aspects.

Headhunting 2000 - Business Week
Discusses the job search process using the Internet, offers tips on posting an online resume and lists major job sites on the Web.

Internet Resources
Contains a wealth of resources for those planning new careers. Find tips on using the Internet, job search advice, and useful links.

Worklife Solutions
Company provides career management services for Web sites and intranets. Find a custom resume builder and contact information.


Downloadable software helps job seekers search through over 800 job sites, newsgroups, classifieds, and corporate pages. Refine searches through customizable options.

ZDNet - Smart Downloads for Job Hunting
Build a resume, test interviewing skills or manage job contacts with the shareware programs described in this article.
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