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By | April 19, 2022

Mysterious, hot, tart Tajikistan. This fragment of the ancient history of mankind, part of the Great Silk Road and just one of the most beautiful places on our planet is a real tourist gem. Tajikistan is quite developed for a pleasant stay, on the other hand, not all of its roads have been trampled down yet, and an inquisitive traveler will definitely find here pristine nature, untouched by human hand.

Geography of Tajikistan

In terms of its territory (142,000 km²), according to listofusnewspapers, Tajikistan is the smallest state in Central Asia. In the west and northwest it borders with Uzbekistan, in the north – with Kyrgyzstan, in the east – with China, in the south – with Afghanistan. 93% of the territory of Tajikistan is occupied by the mountains of the famous Pamir, the country has no access to the sea. There are many mountain lakes in Tajikistan, the largest of which are Karakul, Lake Sarez and Iskanderkul.




The area of Tajikistan is 142,000 km2. sq., occupies the 93rd place in the world by area.




The state currency is Somoni (TJS).


The official language is Tajik, Russian.

Visa to Tajikistan

Russians and citizens of the former Soviet republics of Ukraine and Belarus do not need a visa to visit Tajikistan. You can enter the country for tourism purposes using an internal passport.

Weather in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is dominated by a subtropical and sharply continental mountainous climate, which is characterized by large daily and annual temperature fluctuations. In the coldest winter month, January, the temperature can reach +2°C, and in some areas even -20°C. In July, the hottest period, the temperature in different parts of the country ranges from 0°С to +30°С. Dust storms often occur in Tajikistan, in the most populated areas the climate is predominantly hot and dry. Traditionally, the tourist season in Tajikistan is considered to be the period from March to April, at which time the climate is most mild and pleasant for traveling around the country, and the mountain slopes bloom with hundreds of shades of local flowers.


Mains voltage 220V, 50Hz. Sockets are standard European type C with two round pins, as well as type I with three flat pins.


The main part of the population of Tajikistan professes Islam; Christians prevail among non-Muslim spiritual communities. The only religious political party in Central Asia, the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, operates in the country.


Follow the simplest rules of conduct in a foreign country, and your vacation will be pleasant and safe. It is enough not to walk alone at night, especially in remote areas, not to wear expensive jewelry, not to carry expensive equipment (cameras and video cameras) and large sums of money. Petty thefts can happen in Tajikistan, but there have been no serious attacks or kidnappings of tourists.


As in many other countries, in Tajikistan it is worth drinking only bottled or boiled water, since the centralized water purification system only fulfills its task by 50%. Cases of cholera are not uncommon in the country, so it is recommended to wash fruits, vegetables for salad, and also brush your teeth with the same drinking water. In cafes and restaurants, try to do without ice if its quality is not guaranteed.

About Tajikistan