Amanda Seyfried Saturates The Kiosks in The Month of April

The actress of ‘ letters to Juliet & #8216;, Amanda Seyfried, It will saturate the world kisocos this month of April 2011. And is that this blonde long hair, blue eyes and lips is the protagonist nor more nor less three different headers, two of the United Kingdom. Coincidence or rivalry? We do not know, but what is certain is that it is divine in each and every one of them.

The first signature Marie Claire UK, where we see the actress posing with a spectacular Chanel dress in sky blue color. Is removed from the collection spring-summer 2011. Seeing the runway model and actress, I’ll stick with the latter: you feel great!

In addition, in the last parade of Chanel held in the Paris fashion week, We could see the niece of Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, with the same model combined with pumps in silver. With which of the three do you stay?

But the magazine Marie Claire has a different cover to the subscriptions, so much so that for this version Amanda wears a dress out of the collection spring-summer 2011 Prada. Green and black stripes and bananas do not get out the prominence of this feminine beauty.

And of the same collection the magazine Elle UK dress up the actress. This time with a dress less estrambotico but full of color: oranges, pinks, black and Brown formed this garment of aires straight and classic.

And finally we leave you with what will be the new copy of the magazine Fashion. In it we see a Miss Seyfried with a strapless minidress, draping and full of volumes in orange color. What do you think?

Not to doubt that the girl is gorgeous, but if you have to choose?with what cover you stay?