Beach Exoticism with Spicy Goa

By | April 1, 2021

Goa’s relaxation oasis is a great place to start your exploration trip to India. Goa, a paradise for backpackers and a haven for hippies in the 1960s, Goa is now also a destination for line travelers due to its exoticism, beaches and shopping opportunities.


Exotics for the first time

A traveler to Goa for the first time immediately wakes up at the airport to a completely different reality. Hot moist air hits like a wall, and a variety of services are imposed by locals soaring around.

However, the wonderland of India is rapidly returning home. Constant sunshine combined with warm sea water and endless sandy beaches make it easy to adapt. Spicy food also charms in a few days at the latest.

In the crowds of the market, shopping may seem like a sheer impossibility, but once the rhythm is reached, the low-cost discoveries follow one another. Bargaining is a habit almost always.

The combination of confusing traffic behavior and burning toast may give Goa a hectic picture at the beginning. When you get a peek under this surface after the initial shock, Goa becomes a unique travel destination in its relaxation and unhurriedness.

The enchantment of long beaches

The enchantment of long beaches

In Goa, sun worshipers face difficulty in choosing. Finding one of its own in the many beaches may take a while, but the expedition is well worth the effort. Nearly all beaches are framed by palm trees, turquoise waters and many beach bars and cafes.

There are many different resorts in Goa and there is a beach in the immediate vicinity of each. To experience the most memorable beach paradises, however, it is worth visiting even the most remote sand dunes.

One of the unforgettable beaches of South Goa is Palolem, located in a quiet cove. To the north, the beach of Anjuna corresponds to Palolem in its beauty. Today, in addition to hippies, other tourists also enjoy the beach, which has risen from a full moon celebration to a cult reputation. You should go there especially on market days.

Calangute beach is one of the most popular in its area and therefore often congested. Nearby, however, is the quieter Baga, which is practically a direct continuation of Calangute. In addition to the lively nightlife and cozy dining options, time in Baga is also worth spending time trying out many water sports.

Spicy taste experiences

Indian cuisine differs quite a bit from Finnish dishes. Quite abundant use of spices is typical. In the Goa region, countless vegetarian dishes that take the language with them are especially worth trying.

The range of restaurants in Goa’s destinations is wide and of varying levels. You should ask your locals for tips. The hunter of taste experiences, on the other hand, should be open-minded when eating and try practically everything.

Heat all year round

In Goa, heat readings are achieved all year round. The most favorable time for a tourist to visit India is still the time between November and March, when the rain is barely met. During the summer months, the temperature rises and the humid air makes you feel uneasy.

The busiest tourist season in Goa is around Christmas and New Year, when the celebration is truly celebrated. During the festivities, Goa is packed full and finding accommodation can be tricky.

Those who avoid congestion should prefer the beginning and end of the season. On the October side, Goa is still quiet and will be quieter again in April. For those who want a quieter and more relaxing holiday, these times are well suited. On the other hand, during quieter times, some overnight stays, restaurants and shops are closed.

Security and malaria

According to Abbreviation Finder, Goa has long been a popular tourist destination and the Western traveler does not have to worry more about its safety. However, the use of common sense is desirable and luggage should be taken good care of.

For those traveling to the beach resorts of North Goa, anti-malarial medication is recommended. Medication should also be taken elsewhere when traveling to Goa if the duration of the trip exceeds two weeks and the purpose is to make trips to the countryside.



The journey takes 24 hours

The journey to Goa is quite long and cannot be reached by direct flight. Those looking for the cheapest possible flights should prepare for a couple of stopovers and a travel time of about 24 hours. At its cheapest, round-trip airline tickets cost about 600 euros.

When planning a Goan trip, it is good to take into account the peak of Christmas and New Year, during which flights have to be shelled out, arranging a double price compared to normal.

Cheap accommodation

Overnight stays in Goa are much cheaper than in European cities, for example. An average hotel room for two people can be used for about 20 euros without exception.

The popularity enjoyed by Goa as a pilgrimage destination for hikers also guarantees a large number of cheaper options. There are hundreds of guesthouse-style apartments. They vary in level, but at best a moderate room combines sea views with super-friendly service.

Getting around and taxis

Taxis are by far the easiest way to get around Goa. If you wish, you can get a guide from the taxi driver and you can use the one-way game for the whole day. The prices are very reasonable compared to Finnish taxi fares.

It is also convenient and cheap to get around by renting a scooter. In this case, however, special care must be taken with regard to India’s left-wing traffic and greater law.



Palolem beach peace

For those looking for peace and relaxation, head to South Goa, where Palolem’s beach paradise awaits the traveler. Less than two kilometers of white sand combined with the good service of the beach guarantees peace of mind.

Situated in a quiet cove, Palolem is calmer than the popular beaches of North Goa, and there is no need to worry about congested crowds. Even the nightlife does not disturb the relaxer, as music can no longer be played in Palolem after ten o’clock.

The sea water is warm all year round. A dip in the clear water is invigorating and after a short swimming trip, lounging in the shade of palm trees tastes good again. About ten minutes away by boat, you can admire wild dolphins with good luck.

For those looking for true luxury, Palolem may not be the perfect destination. However, guest houses and bungalows that rise right on the beach for the holiday season are likely to be more rewarding than five-star luxury hotels.

Old Goa

In addition to relaxation, one can also enjoy the architectural and cultural achievements of the past in Goa. Hundreds of years ago, the Portuguese who ruled Goa built the port city of North Goa.

However, the population center that served as the capital of the Portuguese city of Goa was deserted after the plague struck and since then Old Goa has remained uninhabited.

Today, Old Goa is one of India’s finest cultural attractions, also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There is life in Anjuna

Like Palolem, Anjuna has a beautiful beach. However, it is not as idyllic, and the numbers are quite different. Swimming on the beach is also not recommended due to strong bottom currents.

Anjuna tourists are attracted by various activities. The massive flea market on Wednesdays is one of Anjuna’s attractions and a great place for cheap shopping – as long as you remember to bargain.

For those who like a lively nightlife, Anjuna is a great choice. Especially during the full moon, the celebration is long and earnest. At other times, world-famous trance parties are held on the shores of Anjuna.



The best beaches in Goa

  1. Palolem
  2. Baga
  3. Anjuna
  4. Candolim
  5. Arambola