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Shark Bay Natural Park (World Heritage)

The Shark Bay Nature Park, north of Perth and around 22,000 km², is the habitat of many endangered marine and land animals. The seagrass meadows serve as a refuge for fish, crabs and crabs. In addition, they promote the growth of stromatolites. These tiny organisms, which have existed for over 3.5 billion years, form lime… Read More »

Wet Tropics National Park (World Heritage)

The 450 km long coastline between Townsville and Cooktown in the state of Queensland is the remainder of a once extensive humid tropical and species-rich rainforest. The world heritage comprises an area of ​​around 9000 km² with over 800 tree and more than 350 higher plant species, especially ferns, orchids, mosses and lichens. The animal… Read More »

Carlton Gardens in Melbourne (World Heritage)

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens were built on the occasion of the world exhibitions in Melbourne in 1880/81 and 1888/89 and are a reminder of the heyday of the first world exhibitions. The building combines Byzantine, Romanesque and Italian Renaissance style elements. It served as the seat of the Victoria State Parliament from… Read More »

World Heritages in Australia

Sydney Opera House (World Heritage) The Opera House is the symbol of Sydney and one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century. It was completed in 1973 and sits at the tip of a peninsula above the city’s harbor. The opera was created according to plans by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The… Read More »

Trains to & from Perth

The modern metropolis of the state of Western Australia offers 5 different options for getting to and from Perth by train . There are three short routes – to Bunbury, Northam and Merredin. There is also a connection to Kalgoorlie inland and one across the continent via Adelaide to Sydney. The latter is covered with… Read More »