Look History

For once Arte will offer us a bit of culture straw that will serve us when we face our dressing room, we take and we want more. At 19 h and not to a late hour of the night, the channel…
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Shoes Twin Set Spring and Summer

Patent leather or suede, with bon ton straps or delicate stitching. In the autumn / winter 2013-2014 collection of Twin Set the password is: heels. Among the must-winter have, no doubt, to dominate are heels . A trend that Simona Barbieri, with his shoe…
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Female Feet in High Heels

Do heels? What kind of woman it then? Plenty of ladies shoes, children’s shoes and men’s shoes today is immense. With the advent of industrialization, strengthening and diversity between types of shoes. If previously the shoes were made ​​equal for…
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