Collection Liberty Art Brothers Last Frontier – Male Accessories with Military-Inspired

The Liberty Art Brothers just drop the editorial Last Frontier. The male accessories in this new collection, Liberty Art Brothers were inspired by the military history of the United States. The campaign, with styling impeccable, was photographed by William Hereford , and featured the special participation of Helio Ascari.

Collection Liberty Art Brothers Last Frontier – Male Accessories with Military-Inspired

Will the brothers Lazzini are reading my mind? Before this military vintage, they released jewelry of silver and turquoise with inspiration navajo. The collections of the Liberty are in super tune with the matters of the blog.

Are not only the products, but the whole aestética that complements the accessories. The art direction of the whole collection, Liberty Art Brother is always super well-crafted, especially over the past two editorials. The light, the costumes, the bike, the leather jacket, they select each detail with very good taste and consistency.

This campaign has face thing gringa, in a good way. The products and communication reach a niche as specific as possible, that maybe there is more out there than here. As the name of the collection says, some ideas do not have borders. It was exactly what I felt when I visited the first space of them in São Paulo. The Liberty is a brazilian brand with a local language global.

With the high value of the dollar, our product are super competitive. The problem is that we don’t have the same aesthetic affinity nor the same know-how of manufacturing. Above all, we do not have a large local market to work while we break down geographical barriers, as do brands american.

Despite all this, the team from the LAB manages to do exactly that consumers from around the world are looking for, with consistency, originality and good price. It’s no wonder that they went out in specialized magazines, such as the Clutch. It is quite different – and in my opinion indicates a good taste in larger – than going out fashion magazines like GQ. Look the photo report:

I don’t know if the global sale happens or not, but should! And has other brands in Brazil doing a very cool job with this type of product. They are in the front line, opening up space, putting us on the map and attracting other players.

No option is missing the fuck out there, so we need to do our part, strengthening the community… shopping, talking, writing, enjoying, sharing, commenting!