College Job Pages in Alabama

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Alabama? The following employment pages of Alabama schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Alabama. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent works in the administration and management of buildings and the processing of real estate transactions. As a result, he is responsible for all areas of responsibility, from finding tenants to handing over the property.

Part of the job and the typical tasks of a real estate agent

Real estate agents work primarily for real estate agents and managers, housing construction, renovation and real estate companies. They are also used in building management and in public administration or large companies with properties.

In order to bring the objects to the “man”, a real estate agent conducts consultations as well as purchase or sale negotiations, communication is one of his strengths. He also oversees projects such as new construction, refurbishment and modernization measures. He works in residential property management, organizes owner meetings and takes care of billing. Good knowledge of tenancy law helps the real estate agent in his everyday work.

The real estate agent carries out his tasks independently, large projects are implemented in a team. Maintaining contact with customers (owners, tenants, those interested in real estate, employees of construction companies, banks, insurance companies, authorities) is the top priority. Precise work when preparing contracts or cost calculations is a matter of course for him. Regardless of whether it is a property in Germany or abroad, the real estate agent is always up to date on property prices, rental conditions and new legal frameworks.

As an organizational talent, the real estate agent coordinates, plans and completes all administrative tasks in his area. Sound knowledge of MS Office and real estate software is often required, knowledge of English is an advantage in this job. A real estate agent has a strong service orientation, and many employers value a confident and friendly demeanor. In addition, he is resilient and works independently and can assert himself. External appointments are often also part of the tasks that a real estate agent coordinates and performs flexibly in terms of time. Real estate agents have completed three years of professional training.

Alabama State University – Employment

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Auburn University – Employment

Furnishes procedural and introductory info for prospective applicants, and adds a catalog of available positions. Select each title for details.


Concordia College – Employment

Catholic educational institute disseminates information regarding its available positions, both local and abroad. Submit a resume.


Jacksonville State University – Employment

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Samford University – Employment

Human resources department maintains this collection of available job postings for prospective employees. Adds policies and a mission statement.


Troy State University – Employment

Join the staff of this Alabama school via its job postings for faculty, professional or administrative employment. Donate application procedures.


University of Alabama – Employment

Employment center maintained by the school’s human resources department posts jobs and shares forms, policies and recruiting procedures.


University of Alabama in Huntsville – Employment

Employment center divulges vacant position descriptions and adds application protocol. Procure forms, and link to the human resources office.


University of North Alabama – Employment

Furnishes details on the administrative positions and faculty positions vacant at this university. Select job titles, organized by department.


University of South Alabama – Employment

Obtain contact information and review position descriptions to find out how to become a member of the Jaguar staff.