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By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Arizona? The following employment pages of Arizona schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Arizona. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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What is an Employee Treasury?

Treasury employees are responsible for the liquidity and interest rate management of a company or a group, are responsible for the ongoing control of funds and payment flows for internal and external financing and ensure that planned and assumed obligations can be realized in line with the financial policy of a company.

They make a significant contribution to ensuring that reporting is factually correct and informative, that risks in the financial area are identified promptly and that agreed quality standards are observed. They are therefore (jointly) responsible for ensuring that the short, medium and long-term liquidity management and financial planning of the company can be implemented.

Treasury employees are at the center of all financial activities

In short: Treasury employees know everything that is relevant in the financial area of ​​a company.

  • They know exactly where the company stands financially because they have visibility into all accounts and systems reflecting the current financial status. This also includes the administration of all accounts and the knowledge of incoming and outgoing payments as well as the amount and due date of obligations to investors and banks.
  • They know the projects to be financed by a company and how the necessary funds must be procured and used on the money and capital markets.
  • You are familiar with the risks of international financing and are familiar with exchange rate and currency fluctuations.
  • They take into account the demands of suppliers and authorities that the company will face in the short, medium and long term.

Treasury employees are the “supporting pillars” of cash management

However, the task of the treasury staff is by no means limited to passing on information. The quality control of the basic data, the evaluation of the figures, the recognition and assessment of changes are also part of their area of ​​responsibility – and require reporting to management and controlling in a way that allows prompt action or reaction as well as the assessment of long-term developments.

Treasury employees are essential for the cash management of companies. Their regular status reports and forecasts, their analyzes of what is and what is to come provide valuable input for decisions and point out opportunities, challenges and risks to controllers and management.

Treasury employees assess financial risks and ensure compensation

The financial risks of a company mainly result from the (payment) behavior of customers, the (payment) claims of suppliers, fluctuations in raw material prices and exchange rate and currency risks. If these risks develop in different directions, Treasury employees can recommend that negative developments in one area be offset by positive developments in another area in order to keep the company’s liquidity in the desired balance by shifting funds.

Treasury and Compliance

Where money flows, controls must ensure security and regularity in order to detect and prevent fraud attempts. In international payment transactions in particular, political “recommendations” and internal company guidelines often have to be observed in addition to legal requirements. So are e.g. B. Country embargoes must be complied with, the indirect financing of outlawed regimes or companies must be avoided or “unreasonable commissions” must be avoided. The attention of the treasury employees can do a lot to avoid problems and prevent fraud.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Economics degree with a focus on finance and accounting or comparable education / relevant professional experience
  • Starting salary: €40,000
  • Top salary: €90,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Senior Treasurer, Head of Group Treasury


What does a Treasury employee do?

  • Monitoring: Monitoring of account balances for national and international payment transactions
  • Liquidity planning: Disposition of short, medium and long-term financial investments in euros and foreign currencies
  • Calculation of the effects of developments in the areas of financial behavior of customers and suppliers, commodity and currency fluctuations
  • Ad hoc analyzes for controlling and company management on specific problems
  • Regular reporting to controlling and management
  • Contact for banks and investors
  • Control of payment transactions with regard to compliance with legal requirements and compliance agreements of the company


How do you become a Treasury employee?

Working as a treasury employee requires an economics degree with a focus on finance and accounting or a comparable training course and requires knowledge of handling IT and banking products as well as experience in national and international payment transactions.


What does a Treasury employee earn?

from 40.000€

up to €90,000

In corporations, as Head of Group Treasury or with a specialization, salaries of up to €130,000 are also possible.


What do you expect from the Treasury employee?

  • Profound knowledge of finance and accounting
  • Analysis skills and strategic understanding
  • Affinity for numbers and IT
  • Safe handling of MS Office and databases
  • Knowledge of common analysis and visualization tools
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • English at a high level
  • Experience in national and international payment transactions


Opportunities for advancement as a Treasury employee

Treasury employees can be promoted to Group Treasury Manager or Head of Group Treasury with increasing experience and responsibility.

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