College Job Pages in Kentucky

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Kentucky? The following employment pages of Kentucky schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Kentucky. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description After Sales Management

After-sales management is part of customer relationship management (CRM), which means maintaining customer relationships. An after-sales employee should have completed commercial training and, ideally, already have some experience in after-sales. In addition, a high degree of customer orientation and communication skills are expected.

Typical tasks of an after-sales employee

The main task of every after-sales employee is to increase satisfaction and thus customer loyalty to the product or brand. The after-sales employee can work in customer service, carry out warranty work or take on more intensive customer care. He is responsible for correct order processing. This includes ensuring proper post-processing of commercial tasks and handling correspondence. In cooperation with higher functions, he can assist with complaint management and write reports on product problems. However, he can also bring in his own ideas and suggestions for optimizing the way of working. The maintenance of master data using the company’s own databases is one of his everyday tasks.

Ashland Community College

See a brief description of available positions at this community college. Contact human resources to apply for any of the listings.


Eastern Kentucky University – Employment Opportunities

Learn about EKU through its organizational charts, policies on recruitment and benefit packages. Search employment opportunity postings.


Kentucky State University – Job Bulletin

Skim through postings of open positions at this small university. Brief description of requirements accompany each listing.


Morehead State University – Job Opportunities

Explore the open positions available at this university. Each listing includes a link to the appropriate department.


Murray State University – Weekly Job Openings Report

Read about the application policies, then link to the listing of current job openings. Duties and requirements for each job are detailed.


Northern Kentucky University – Human Resources

Be a part of this metropolitan university supported by about 1200 faculty and staff. Search available positions and apply as directed.


Transylvania University – Human Resources

Browse through current job openings. General application for employment and employee benefit summary available for viewing.


Union College – Job Opportunities

Be a part of this private liberal arts college. View staff openings and link to listing of faculty positions.


University of Louisville – HR Employment

Explore the possibilities of employment at this university. Browse through position listings and descriptions and other employment information.


Western Kentucky University – Human Resources

Discover opportunities for employment at this university. Browse openings for staff and faculty, and view the status table for staff positions.