College Job Pages in Michigan

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Michigan? The following employment pages of Michigan schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Michigan. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for setting market share and growth targets for a company. He then tries to implement this strategy through specially designed sales plans and targeted marketing. The marketing coordinator must always coordinate well with the client in order not to exceed the budget. Being responsible for such large budgets requires very good organizational skills. In addition, a confident demeanor, creativity and assertiveness. For the job as a marketing coordinator, an economics degree with a focus on marketing is mandatory.

Typical tasks of a marketing coordinator

One of the main tasks of the Marketing Coordinator is to carry out competition and market analyses. He analyzes and interprets a wide range of information to get a meaningful picture of whether a service or product has a real chance in the market. On the one hand, it is about opening up the market, but on the other hand it is also about securing or expanding existing market shares. He creates marketing plans. Close cooperation with the PR and product managers is essential. The service or product is then positioned on the market by issuing marketing materials such as brochures and press releases and by conducting mailings and presentations.

Albion College – Employment

Human resource department of the small college posts its recruitment information. Learn about employee benefits.


Calvin College – Employment

Potential candidates of the Christian faith are encouraged to apply for job postings. Faculty positions are posted on the provost’s page.


Central Michigan University – Employment

Peruse the campus job postings to learn about faculty and staff openings. Commence on a photo tour and read its diversity treatise.


Eastern Michigan University – Employment

Check out the staff and academic job opportunities available at EMU. See job descriptions and requirements.


Ferris State University – Employment

Consider career paths at the public university, located in Big Rapids. Search current openings by job title or by job type.


Hope College – Employment

Educational institution of Holland, Michigan showcases its job vacancies. Access the proper forms for personnel changes.


Kalamazoo College – Employment

Comb the job postings, arranged by date, for the small private college of Western Michigan. Offers job descriptions and requisite qualifications.


Lansing Community College – Employment

Snippets of job profiles detail the community college’s need for qualified workers. Look for full-time and part-time vacancies.


Michigan State University – Employment

Browse a list of available job opportunities, and read about the university’s hiring process.


University of Michigan – Employment

Use the job postings tool to find career opportunities within the Ann Arbor and peripheral campuses. Search by title or department.


University of Michigan – HR & Affirmative Action

Big Ten campus posts information about its personnel support and about the school’s commitment to diversity. Click to its job postings.


Wayne State University – Human Resources

Explore the personnel department to find employment opportunities within the school. Has a newsletter and descriptions of benefits.