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By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Montana? The following employment pages of Montana schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Montana. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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What is a Project Professional?

With their knowledge and capacity, Project Professionals support the finance and controlling departments of companies in the implementation of projects. Thanks to their many years of operational experience in line functions in service, commercial or industrial companies, project professionals bring the knowledge and experience with them to work out solutions with the customer’s employees that ensure that the project goal is achieved.

While a management consultant primarily does conceptual project work, the project professional implements concepts that have already been developed.

The project professional masters the common ERP systems and also knows at least one BI system from practical use. In addition, every Project Professional masters programming languages ​​such as SQL and VBA in order to implement necessary queries quickly and easily; he/she differs from conventional management consultants in that he/she has in-depth practical application knowledge.

An important feature of the activity of a project professional is that as much know-how as possible is transferred to the customer’s employees. The project duration varies between three and twelve months, depending on the project goal and the defined range of tasks.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training and/or business studies
  • Starting salary: €40,000
  • Top salary: €80,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: project manager, head of controlling, head of accounting


What does a project professional do?

  • project-related support for companies from different sectors and industries in the field of finance and controlling
  • Support in the solution- and goal-oriented development of project results in a team (together with the customer’s employees)
  • Analysis of business processes and organizational models in order to derive recommendations for action for optimization
  • Supporting the customer in recording requirements for tools and IT solutions to optimize processes in the area of ​​finance and controlling
  • Realization of planning, consolidation and reporting solutions
  • Supporting the customer in the digitization of business processes
  • Enabling the customer’s employees to implement project topics in a structured and self-organized manner, knowledge transfer


How do you become a Project Professional?

  • Commercial training and/or business studies
  • At least 2.5 years of operational experience in controllingand/or accounting
  • in-depth, solid application experience with accounting and controlling instruments
    • at least one common ERP system (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
    • at least one common BI system (SAP BI, Power BI, Tableau, etc.)
    • at least one programming language (SQL and/or VBA)
  • Knowledge of project management or methodical approaches


What does a Project Professional earn?

from 40.000€

up to €80,000

The salary range for a job as a Project Professional is between € 40,000 and €80,000 per year, depending on competence, ability and experience . Team leaders and practice leaders earn correspondingly more.


What do you expect from the project professional?

  • Enthusiasm for and dedication to Finance & Controlling
  • High comprehension and motivation to understand the business model and business processes of a company in its entirety
  • Analytical thinking skills to be able to understand and interpret connections between business processes and figures
  • solution- and goal-oriented way of working – because in the end it is the result that counts
  • Assertiveness and implementation strength, since the realization of clever ideas in the customer organization requires a confident appearance and solid professional competence
  • Communication skills and empathy, because the customer’s problem must first be understood in order to then (re)act in a manner appropriate to the addressee
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic work environment, because customer problems cannot be squeezed into a template and no project process is the same


Opportunities for advancement as a project professional

Project implementers use the project experience they have gained to prepare for their next career step. They are in great demand on the labor market because they have come a steep learning and experience curve and have a wealth of professional, methodological and social experience.

Project professionals can advance to project manager or find their professional purpose at a customer company – in permanent employment as a team or department manager in accounting or controlling.

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