College Job Pages in Nebraska

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Nebraska? The following employment pages of Nebraska schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Nebraska. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description HR Manager

The HR manager is responsible for all HR-related tasks in a company or organization. He can work in all sectors of the economy and always works closely with the management.

Typical tasks of a HR manager

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for personnel planning and recruitment. This includes determining personnel requirements as well as developing position plans and implementing strategic personnel decisions.
The HR manager oversees the procurement of personnel through advertisements and recruiting events such as B. Assessment centers and information events.

His tasks include motivating employees and promoting and qualifying them through further training measures. In this way he ensures that the employees are offered prospects and that the workplace remains attractive for them.
The HR manager must independently recognize which soft skills or other qualifications will help the company and which social, economic and technological trends are relevant. He should be familiar with the further education market, think strategically and be able to manage practically.

The HR manager mediates between the management level, employees and the works council – he takes over the central bracket structure within an organization.

The tasks also include payroll accounting within the personnel administration, whereby he knows and observes the legal regulations. In international companies, he is responsible for communication with the HR departments of international branches and for international assignments of employees.

The HR manager has a high level of social skills. He has business and psychological expertise, understands and knows basic legal relationships, thinks strategically and conceptually and has expertise in cost and performance accounting. The prerequisite for a position as HR manager is a degree in economics or psychology, in-depth practical knowledge of human resources and management experience.

Chadron State College – Positions Available

Select a job title and find a detailed description of that position.


Dana College – Vacancies

Click on the desired type of employment such as faculty or coaches, and find a list of open opportunities.


Doane College, Crete – Job Openings

Describes open positions of the Crete campus location of this college. Application deadlines and address for submissions are provided.


Metropolitan Community College – Human Resources

Download an employment application form, and learn about open positions at the college. Benefits described.


Mid-Plains Community College Area – Employment

Read a brief profile of the college and find descriptions for available positions which includes administrative, support and teaching jobs.


Southeast Community College – Employment

Learn about the application and hiring procedures employment. Learn about the benefits and current job openings too.


University of Nebraska at Kearney – Employment

Links are provided to descriptions of currently available jobs at the University, and also for other employment resources.


University of Nebraska at Lincoln – Employment

Find administrative and managerial positions open at the University. Learn about the benefits offered to the employees.


University of Nebraska at Omaha – Personnel Services

Details on hiring include salary administration, selection process, classification and affirmative action plans.


Western Nebraska Community College – Employment

Exhibits a chart with job titles and application deadline dates. Click on a desired opportunity to read a description of it.