College Job Pages in North Dakota

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within North Dakota? The following employment pages of North Dakota schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in North Dakota. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description back office employee

The back office employee is used in very different industries and departments, so that this job can differ greatly at the different workplaces. Basically, he is responsible for supporting the core business on the administrative side: such as sales, development or customer service.

Part of the job and the typical tasks of a back office employee

His tasks vary greatly according to the variety of jobs. In a sales-oriented company, the back office employee processes inquiries and creates offers, maintains price lists and customer master data, coordinates appointments and creates statistics. At a seminar provider, on the other hand, he looks after customers in the technical planning, preparation and technical processing of workshops and is responsible for the entire printing and duplication volume. At a telecommunications provider, he advises customers, answers their questions over the phone and conducts written correspondence. And at another employer he is responsible for the further development of the back office systems from conception through implementation to application.

He often collects and maintains customer and master data using in-house IT systems and is responsible for other general administrative tasks.

As much as the individual range of tasks differ, so do the requirements. Employers often require a completed apprenticeship or even a degree, while others are content with the practical experience that their back-office employees bring with them. In most cases, good to very good knowledge of spoken and written German and, if necessary, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and MS Office are required. Managers often want relevant work experience, for example in a call center. Team players who work in a structured and careful manner are wanted for this job.

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