College Job Pages in Wisconsin

By | February 1, 2023

Are you interested in working in a higher education institute within Wisconsin? The following employment pages of Wisconsin schools publish the latest recruiting information about faculty, administrative, and executive jobs at colleges and universities in Wisconsin. You can follow to see reputation and ranking information of each university.

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Job Description Secretary

The secretary fulfills central commercial, organizational and administrative functions within a company, institution or organisation. She thinks independently and acts responsibly, who not only has the back of management, but also supports it in managerial tasks. In addition, she assumes full responsibility for incidental processing.

Typical duties of a secretary

The tasks of the secretary are diverse, since the profession is not tied to a specific industry. She supports and advises the management or their supervisor(s) in all day-to-day tasks.
This includes the entire scheduling and process coordination; she takes care of the organization of meetings, conventions and sessions and occasionally prepares presentations. Their duties often overlap with those of assistant and office manager.
The secretary also helps the boss with research tasks when specific data is required.
She handles electronic communication, handles postal tasks and documents the correspondence with dictations, file notes, reports and minutes. Her area of ​​responsibility also includes the administration and procurement of office supplies.
The secretary also assumes representative functions and is therefore always patient, friendly and polite when dealing with business partners and employees. She often mediates between employees and management – social skills are therefore required. Since the tasks may involve sensitive information, discretion and loyalty are other important qualities.

The demands placed on secretaries today are increasing. She should have excellent specialist knowledge; this includes the safe use of the relevant software, mastery of general secretarial tasks and increased foreign language skills. A prerequisite is also completed commercial training, e.g. B. to become an office clerk.

Beloit College – Employment Opportunities

Search open positions in administration, classified or faculty. Read detailed description and qualifications for each listing.


Chippewa Valley Technical College – Employment

Check links for detailed descriptions of open job opportunities. Application materials can be downloaded or mailed.


Marquette University – Human Resources Department

Find open faculty, administrator and support staff positions. Read through benefit plans and other employee services.


Medical College of Wisconsin – Job Opportunities

Check for new job postings every week for classified and professional opportunities. Check out the employee benefits summary page.


Milwaukee School of Engineering – Human Resources

Search a listing of employment openings in this college. Links to employee benefit providers give an idea of benefit package.


Northland College – Human Resources

Find links to current job openings at this college. Each listing details a position profile, qualifications and a description of the environment.


Ripon College – Employment Opportunities

View current open positions for administrative, academic and support staff. Read a brief description of the position and apply as directed.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire – Job Opportunities

Search faculty and academic staff, classified staff and student employment positions. Staff handbooks are available for viewing as well.


University of Wisconsin Fox Valley – Positions

Explore a listing of faculty or staff positions available at this two-year liberal arts campus. Read a detailed description of each job.


University of Wisconsin La Crosse – Position Vacancies

Read a description of the campus and community environment, then browse through the listing of current vacancies. View details of each position.


University of Wisconsin Madison – Employment

Find classified civil service, unclassified faculty and academic staff and student positions. View employee policies and procedures available.


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – Job Opportunities

Search openings at UW Oshkosh or other state and civil service positions. Limited term and international faculty and staff jobs also available.


University of Wisconsin River Falls – Employment

Read a description of the community and work environment in around the university, then explore current job openings and benefits.


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point – Employment

Search faculty, academic staff and civil servant vacancies. Links to Wisconsin Current Opportunities Bulletin and other relevant offices.


University of Wisconsin Stout – Job Openings

View listing of current employment opportunities with the University of Wisconsin Stout. Explore details of each listing and apply as directed.