Hawaii Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Junior Treasurer

The junior treasurer is responsible for ensuring and optimizing the financial ability to act in a company, group or organization.
The Junior Treasurer position is an entry-level position in Finance & Accounting. The junior treasurer typically reports to a more senior treasurer, e.g. B. the Treasury employee or the Senior Treasurer.

Typical tasks of a junior treasurer

A junior treasurer deals roughly with five different areas, whereby it is possible to specialize in individual areas. The areas are capital markets and financing, liquidity management, group financial management, risk management and tax processes.
Within these areas, the junior treasurer supports the treasury team in various tasks, e.g. B. Ensuring that the company or organization has all the necessary financial resources to operate effectively. He keeps an eye on the financial markets and their impact on how products and services are performing, and regularly updates the relevant employees and departments.

He helps to stay in contact with banks and lenders in order to be able to negotiate credit and payment terms with them if necessary. In collaboration with the other finance and accounting departments, he handles various financial issues, assisting his colleagues on those financial issues that affect the company as a whole. In the case of reorganizations and start-ups, he researches and collects relevant data so that his team can evaluate it with regard to possible effects on the company’s financial situation.

The junior treasurer knows all the requirements of the German Commercial Code and the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and adheres to them.
He is able to prepare presentations on demand for the board of directors.
For the position of Junior Treasurer, a business degree with a focus on finance or accounting or equivalent commercial training with appropriate further training is typically required. A successfully completed trainee program or at least two years of practical experience are usually required.

Aloha Council of the Boy Scouts of America

Adult volunteers coordinate programs to build character and values in young people throughout Hawaii. Includes contact information.

Website: http://www.boyscoutshawaii.org/

Aloha First

Nonprofit organization’s mission is to restore and maintain the traditional Hawaiian way of life.

Website: http://www.hawaii-nation.org/alohafirst.htm

Arc in Hawaii

State nonprofit organization seeks to improve the lives of people with mental retardation.

Website: http://www.planet-hawaii.com/archawaii/

Bishop Museum and Planetarium

Hawaiian and Pacific history exhibit offers films, lectures, collections, and volunteer opportunities.

Website: http://www.gohawaii.com/hokeo/islands/oahu/point49.htm

Conservation Council for Hawaii

Citizens’ organization promotes environmental health and education about Hawaii’s natural resources.

Website: http://planet-hawaii.com/cch/

Earthwatch Institute

International nonprofit organization supports scientific field research worldwide with scientists and volunteers.

Website: http://www.earthwatch.org/

Genealogy Helplist Hawaii

Volunteer organization offers individual answers to genealogy queries posted here.

Website: http://www.cybercomm.net/~freddie/helplist/hi.htm

Girl Scouts Hawaii

Adult volunteers provide and coordinate activities to develop girl scouts intellectually, physically, and morally.

Website: http://www.girlscouts-hawaii.org/

Goodwill Industries of Honolulu

Volunteer nonprofit organization provides training and employment services throughout Hawaii.

Website: http://www.aloha.net/~laurar/

Hawaii Lawyers Care

Sign up to volunteer for this organization providing pro-bono legal advice for low income persons.

Website: http://www.aloha.net/~hlcvls/

Hawaii State Youth Baseball

Hawaii youth baseball is an all volunteer nonprofit organization that promotes youth baseball.

Website: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Sideline/5890/

Hawaii’s Community Action

Provides community service event and volunteer information, a community calendar, and educational resources.

Website: http://www.kokua.net/


Alcoholic rehabilitation service educates, treats, and rehabilitates people with addiction problems in Hawaii.

Website: http://www.pixi.com/~hinmauka/

HPTV – Hawaii Public Television

Help HPTV save thousands of dollars annually by volunteering as an individual or group.

Website: http://www.khet.org/

JAS Hawaii

Japan America Society of Hawaii offers membership to anyone interested in learning about US and Japan relations.

Website: http://planet-hawaii.com/~jash/jash.htm

Junior Achievement of Hawaii

Volunteer as a role model for young people and provide encouragement to stay in school.

Website: http://planet-hawaii.com/jahawaii/

Kona Coffee Council, The

Nonprofit volunteer organization of farmers and processors is focused on the promotion and protection of and education about Kona coffee.

Website: http://www.kona-coffee-council.com/

Mental Health Association in Hawaii

Volunteer mental health organization offers preventive and treatment services, based in Honolulu.

Website: http://www.mhahawaii.org/

Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, The

Offers volunteer opportunities, membership information, and merchandise related to biodiversity efforts.

Website: http://www.tnc.org/infield/State/Hawaii/hawaii.htm

No-Kill – Hawaii

Volunteer in the effort to adopt out or care for abused, sick, dumped, and old animals.

Website: http://www.fluffynet.com/hawaii.htm

Outdoor Circle, The

Help keep Hawaii clean and green. View volunteer opportunities or become a member.

Website: http://www.outdoorcircle.org/

Sousson Foundation

Volunteer vacations offered to students in Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Channel Islands, and Hawaii volcanoes.

Website: http://www.sousson.org/students.htm

Special Education Center Of Hawaii

Assists people with developmental disabilities to function and integrate into the community.

Website: http://planet-hawaii.com/secoh/

Star Bulletin – Do It! Volunteers

Offers an extensive list of Hawaiian organizations in seek of volunteers.

Website: http://www.starbulletin.com/doit/volunteers.htm

Student Volunteers

Students aged 15 and up are offered a chance to volunteer in health care on weekends and afternoons.

Website: http://www.queens.org/qmc/about/volunteers/students.htm

Teen Line Hawaii

Telecommunications information service offers volunteer opportunities for teens and the people who love them.

Website: http://www.pixi.com/~521teen.htm

United Way of Kaua’i

Volunteer driven independent organization has programs for emergency relief, senior citizens, young people, and problem prevention.

Website: http://www.planet-hawaii.com/unitedwaykauai.htm

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

Find articles, resources, dining guides, recipes and local discounts from this Hawaii organization advocating a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Website: http://www.vsh.org/

Voluntary Action Center

Offers an extensive listing of volunteer opportunities for teens, teen clubs, or groups.

Website: http://www.pixi.com/~521teen/vac.htm

Waikoloa Volunteer Fire Department

Supposedly West Hawaii’s oldest fire department, fights wildland and structure fires in a 100 square mile area.

Website: http://www.fire-ems.net/firedept/view/WaikoloaHI


Christian missionary organization offers volunteer positions and programs to strengthen one’s relationship with God.

Website: http://www.ywammaui.com/