Iowa Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Senior Treasurer

A senior treasurer is responsible for ensuring and continuously improving the financial ability to act in a company, group or organization. He is a specialist in financial strategies and advises on investments and financial risk management. The Senior Treasurer ensures that the company has the necessary financial resources and liquidity – his position is therefore responsible and diverse.

Typical duties of a senior treasurer

The diverse tasks of a senior treasurer can be divided into five categories, whereby the senior treasurer can specialize in individual areas. These categories include: financing, risk management, liquidity management, capital markets and group financial management as well as tax-related processes. Depending on what the senior treasurer specializes in, he takes on the following tasks in the areas listed above: He ensures that his company or organization has sufficient financial resources to be able to act flexibly and effectively. To do this, he must be able to plan strategically and reliably. He must also be able to predict financial challenges – for this he carries out regular analyzes and assessments. He holds the board and the CFOup to date about his assessments and thus ensures that changes can be adequately reacted to.

The Senior Treasurer has an overview of the financial markets and their trends and can relate them to the market opportunities for their own products and services. He should maintain close contact with banks and investors in order to be able to negotiate new loan and overdraft conditions in favor of his own company if necessary.

In addition to supporting the Board of Directors, the Senior Treasurer also lends a helping hand to other finance and accounting departments (e.g. Accounting and Tax departments): providing advice on financial issues affecting the company as a whole, and looks for solutions when bottlenecks occur.

The Senior Treasurer also evaluates the effects on company finances in the case of reorganizations and start-ups and, together with the Treasurer team, devises solutions for these new financial challenges.

For the position of Senior Treasurer, a business administration degree with a focus on finance or accounting or equivalent commercial training with appropriate further training is typically required. He should have solid practical experience in the field of corporate finance.

American Red Cross

Grant Woods Area Chapter needs volunteers for its Rapid AIDS Project, which provides the local community with AIDS information and referral.


Camp Courageous of Iowa

Camp for the disabled near Monticello serves 4,000 people annually. Volunteers are welcome in many capacities, including food preparation.


Emergency Housing Project

Iowa City’s only general-use homeless shelter always needs donations of money and household items. Read about its annual concert.


Iowa Environmental Council

Join the Iowa Environmental Council and receive its newsletter. Learn about community volunteer water monitoring activities.


Johnson County Community Network

Community information resource needs financial support, committee member volunteers, and people to complete the visitor survey form.


Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.

Ames nonprofit organization advocates on behalf of children, youth, and families and offers a crisis line. Volunteers are welcome.


YWCA of Cedar Rapids and Linn County

Volunteers are needed in many areas including working in the shop and shelter, staffing the crisis line, and child care. Find contact details.