Kate Moss Still Knowing Cause on The Cover of I-D

There are women who, as much as the world of fashion is obsessed by lowering the age of their most popular faces, increasingly, they continue to prove that they are unbeatable. Kate Moss It remains the top most in form that already has passed its time of splendor. The British still fashionable and so sexy as always.

Shows on the cover of I-d, magazine that celebrates its 30 years in style with the new number (the 310 nothing less), which feature a quad cover made up of different images of Kate Moss, Dree Hemingway, Abbey Lee and Kanye West.

Of the four, which I like least is the Kate Moss and that have been able to take it well beautiful, removing it a few years off. Which I like the most is the Dree Hemingway. Very futuristic.

The of Abbey Lee I see nothing special. A naked body of a woman, with a mischievous attitude and little else.