Local Government Jobs in California

By | February 1, 2023

Are you searching jobs in local governments of California – city, county or state level government? The following California government websites officially publish most recent job listings, including jobs in accounting, finance, law enforcement, public affairs, city management and public administration. Just click on abbreviationfinder to get most basic information about the state of California, including state demographics and a list of major cities.

  • Acronymmonster: Nickname of California as The Golden State. Also includes major cities and resorts, as well as how to get around this state.

Job Description Finance and Accounting Specialist

The specialist in finance and accounting can be employed in several areas of the company and can generally rely on good career opportunities. Employers can be, for example, small and medium-sized companies.

But also larger companies such as commercial enterprises, organizations and associations or financial service providers such as banks and insurance companies are happy to hire finance and accounting specialists due to their special knowledge, which includes tax law and wages, among other things. There it is mainly departments such as controlling or accounting where they are in demand. A specialization in finance and accounting often leads to a managerial position and this is also an advantage when starting your own company.

Part of the job and the typical tasks of a specialist in finance and accounting

Finance and accounting specialists often work in controlling or bookkeeping. There, all economic transactions involving goods and money are recorded, evaluated and controlled. Planning calculations such as budget and cost plans are prepared in order to inform the company management about economic and tax advantages or disadvantages and to support them in their decisions.

The tasks of the specialist in finance and accounting also include determining and offsetting social insurance, as well as payroll accounting. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaccounting, he monitors outgoing and incoming payments, takes over dunning, prepares monthly and annual financial statements and evaluates them. The preparation of the tax return is also part of his field of activity.

Anaheim – Human Resources

Find listing of current position openings with the city including duty descriptions, salary ranges, and closing dates. See application notes.

Website: http://www.anaheim.net/jobs_opp/employment.htm

Chula Vista – Human Resources Dept

Submit interest cards for listed closed positions and view updated resource of open positions. Find job hotline and police or fire requirements.

Website: http://www.ci.chula-vista.ca.us/pers.htm

City of Sacramento – Job Opportunities

Find a list of city jobs available and profiles listed in pdf. Positions are updated weekly.

Website: http://www.cityofsacramento.org/personnel/employmen.htm

Concord – Employment Opportunities

Presents job listing for available city positions. Includes a downloadable application form, and a 24-hour job hotline number.

Website: http://www.ci.concord.ca.us/citygov/jobs.htm

Corona – Human Resources Department

Includes contact information, with job listings, and an online application form. Provides a hotline number for job listings by phone.

Website: http://www.ci.corona.ca.us/AdmSrvcs.cfm

Costa Mesa – Personnel

Provides a one step career center, current jobs listings, and downloadable applications for city jobs.

Website: http://www.cityofcostamesa.com/employme.htm

Hayward – Employment Opportunities

View a list of job openings for the City of Hayward. Download an application form using Acrobat Reader or click on descriptions of positions.

Website: http://www.ci.hayward.ca.us/gov/employment.htm

Los Angeles – Personnel Department

Presents information on employment-related topics, including benefits, job opportunities, and civil service exams. Includes relevant maps.

Website: http://www.cityofla.org/PER.htm

Modesto – Personnel Department

Posts the phone number for a 24-hour city job hotline, and information on publications that carry listings.

Website: http://www.ci.modesto.ca.us/per/

Ontario – Personnel Department

Provides listings of jobs with the city, including selection criteria. Includes a link to the California state human resources site.

Website: http://www.ci.ontario.ca.us/personnel/personnel_new.htm

Oxnard – Employment

Presents a listing of current job opportunities with the city, including descriptions of positions, experience required, and benefits provided.

Website: http://www.ci.oxnard.ca.us/jobannounce.htm

Pasadena – Human Resources Department

Provides contact information, and an overview of services provided. Includes a link to employment opportunities listings.

Website: http://www.ci.pasadena.ca.us/humanresources/

Pomona – Human Resources

Provides an overview of human resources functions, and includes contact information.

Website: http://www.ci.pomona.ca.us/humans.htm

San Diego – Personnel Dept

Potential and current employees can use these features on job openings, benefits, and testing. Includes a FAQ.

Website: http://www.sannet.gov/empopp/

San Francisco City & County – Dept. of Human Resources

Government agency provides a collection of available jobs. Learn about health benefits and download a compensation manual.

Website: http://www.ci.sf.ca.us/dhr/

Santa Ana – Employment Opportunities

Provides the procedure for applying for city jobs, as well as a list of job openings. Describes benefits and shows the office on a map.

Website: http://www.ci.santa-ana.ca.us/employment/default.htm

Santa Rosa – Human Resources

Job seekers will find recruitment info for the police and fire departments, plus a list of current job openings and an application packet.

Website: http://www.ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/hu.asp

Sunnyvale – Employment Development

Features a list of services and links to the North Valley Private Industry Council and Youth at Work.

Website: http://www.ci.sunnyvale.ca.us/employment-dev/

Torrance – Civil Service Jobs

Presents job listings, including description of duties, and salary range. Provides an application form.

Website: http://www.ci.torrance.ca.us/city/dept/cvs/openings/jobopen….