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By | February 1, 2023

Are you searching jobs in local governments of Maryland – city, county or state level government? The following Maryland government websites officially publish most recent job listings, including jobs in accounting, finance, law enforcement, public affairs, city management and public administration. Just click on abbreviationfinder to get most basic information about the state of Maryland, including state demographics and a list of major cities.

  • Acronymmonster: Nickname of Maryland as The Old Line State. Also includes major cities and resorts, as well as how to get around this state.

What is a treasury controller?

The simplest interpretation of the term ‘Treasurer’ results from the Anglo-Saxon job description – according to this, a Treasurer (‘Treasurer’) is the head of financial management.

There are treasury controllers in large and international companies – from around 100 million euros such a position is almost mandatory, because then the management of payment flows in the broadest sense can only be managed full-time and by an expert with comprehensive knowledge. In smaller or simply structured companies, the tasks of a treasurer and treasury controller usually coincide – the treasurer (or treasury controller) then takes on both functions.

The job description of the treasury controller is also not clearly outlined because the terms of the treasurer and the term of the controller are taken on their own in the market and also in the literature and even more so in combination with different contents – which is actually also due to that the job profile results from the requirements of the company, which in turn depend on the size, structure, industry, type and number of subsidiaries, degree of internationalization, etc. etc.

In order to recognize the commonalities in the job profile, it helps to assume a group with national and international branches and holdings in various companies whose liquidity planning is based on income, expenses, borrowing, interest on investments and possibly other sources.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Economic studies with a focus on finance, controlling, accounting, several years of relevant professional experience in companies, banks, insurance companies or consulting firms
  • Starting salary: €100,000
  • Top salary: €200,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Finance and Accounting, Head of Treasury, CFO

Why do companies need a treasury controller?

The larger a company is, the more demanding and challenging it is for treasury controllers to monitor the numerous financial and payment flows and to keep management up to date on the current liquidity situation. Management needs the current status and forecasts that inform it with ‘almost certainty’ of future financing and capital requirements. Furthermore, there is a need for clarity about
loans taken out and granted, about securities and other investments, about insurance contracts, about expected payment obligations, defaults and receivables – in short: about everything that affects the internal and external cash flows and thus the creditworthiness of a company and affects in the long term.

The difficulties of bringing all this together, summarizing it clearly and reporting it, increases when subsidiaries and holdings, possibly at home and abroad, are added.

However, treasury controllers also have the task of forecasting the company’s future capital requirements; In their control function, they ensure the procurement of capital and money, are responsible for cash management and for hedging against financial risks.

Times of crisis are the acid test for treasury controllers

The scope of the task and its importance make it clear that treasury controllers don’t have to worry about a job even in ‘normal times’. In times of crisis – be it global catastrophes like Lehman or Corona or regional catastrophes limited to certain regions or countries – treasury controllers have to prove themselves: Then it is important to identify risks, even under adverse conditions, to recommend and take precautionary measures and to do everything to ensure the creditworthiness of the company.

It is therefore not surprising that treasury controllers are increasingly appreciated in times like these. This is also reflected in the fact that they move closer to the operational management level and, especially in times of crisis, are also involved in communication activities towards the financial market and the public (investor & public relations).


What does a treasury controller do?

Treasury controllers are responsible for the national and international cash management and liquidity management of a group/company. You are part of the finance department (‘Finance’); depending on the size and structure of the company, several treasurers may report to them.

Treasury controllers have the following tasks:

  • Preparation and analysis of liquidity planning (cash and liquidity management iw p.)
  • Monthly reporting on the status and forecasts of financing and asset management, group reporting
  • Recommendation and implementation of measures to reduce financial risks
  • Raising and reallocating funds
  • Investment of free or released funds
  • Currency Management
  • Cooperation with banks and other financial organizations
  • Documentation / reports to the Bundesbank


How to become a treasury controller

Entry into a career in treasury and as a treasury controller usually involves studying economics with a focus on finance/accounting, ideally combined with a bank apprenticeship and commercial internships. A minimum of five years of relevant professional experience is generally required for the position of Treasury Controller.

There is not (yet) a special training course for treasury controllers; However, future treasury controllers can acquire and expand specialist knowledge through training and courses as part of their professional career, provided they do not acquire it on the job.

who e.g. B. who sought entry via a consulting company, a bank or an insurance company was often able to take advantage of internal treasury training offers there.

Courses are also offered by the Association of German Treasurers (VDT), the British Treasurer Association ACT or the American association AFP, where you can take the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) exam.


What does a treasury controller earn?

from 100.000€

up to €200,000

Salaries are highly dependent on the size of the company/group, area of ​​responsibility, as well as the industry and location of the company.


What do you expect from the treasury controller?

  • Numerical and IT affinity as well as analytical skills
  • Understanding of national and international economic relationships
  • Good internal and external team and communication skills
  • Willingness to take on responsibility
  • very good knowledge of English


Opportunities for advancement as Treasury Controller

Internally and externally, treasury controllers mainly deal with executives, which promotes their skills and sharpens their profile. As you gain experience, your work will become more and more operational in nature – a promotion in financial management up to CFO is possible.

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