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By | February 1, 2023

Are you searching jobs in local governments of Nebraska – city, county or state level government? The following Nebraska government websites officially publish most recent job listings, including jobs in accounting, finance, law enforcement, public affairs, city management and public administration. Just click on abbreviationfinder to get most basic information about the state of Nebraska, including state demographics and a list of major cities.

  • Acronymmonster: Nickname of Nebraska as The Cornhusker State. Also includes major cities and resorts, as well as how to get around this state.

What is an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts payable clerks handle all tasks related to incoming invoices. Accounts Payable is a subdivision of General Ledger and is present in every business. In smaller companies, accounts receivable and accounts payable may be combined. In larger companies, on the other hand, tasks are usually separated due to their scope.

The exact extent of the tasks of accounts payable clerks depends largely on the industry, the size and the amount of expenditure of the respective company: For example, is a company only active in Germany, in the EU or even internationally? Depending on this, for example, different currencies, tax aspects or other country-specific specifics may have to be taken into account.

In general, it is the task of the accounts payable clerk to check the incoming invoices for accuracy. In some aspects, such as the form of the invoice, he undertakes this check himself. In order to answer the question of whether the scope and type of goods or services invoiced are correct, he obtains the appropriate approvals from the various specialist departments.

Influence of digitization

The job market for accounts payable clerks is changing: On the one hand, there is still a very high demand for accountants. On the other hand, more and more work steps in accounting are being replaced in the course of digitization. Invoices are now automatically processed digitally in a number of companies and sometimes also posted directly. There are also systems that simplify the processing and approval process for invoices. As a result of these developments, jobs in accounting will be eliminated and it can be assumed that this trend will continue.

What will remain, however, is the need for qualified accounts payable clerks who can demonstrate comprehensive know-how in various areas and have a good knowledge of English. This is because checking incoming invoices for correctness, which often takes the most time, still has to be done manually. In addition, the technical requirements for accounts payable clerks are increasing, because with increasing digitization, more and more systems are being used in accounting that accounts payable clerks have to work with.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: commercial profession
  • Starting salary: €30,000
  • Top salary: €50,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Accounting


What Does an Accounts Payable Clerk Do?

  • account assignment and control of incoming invoices
  • post incoming invoices
  • Processing travel expense reports and creating and updating internal guidelines
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of accounts payable
  • Creation of balance confirmations
  • Recording and initiating outgoing payments
  • Processing of electronic bank statements
  • Processing and booking of credit card statements and office cash registers
  • Clarification of clearing accounts and processing of corresponding onward charges to third parties
  • Support in the preparation of monthly, half-yearly and annual financial statements according to HGB and IFRS
  • Creation of statistics and evaluations
  • Advance sales tax return to the tax office
  • If necessary, creation of creditor lists including master data maintenance


How to become an Accounts Payable Clerk

Career entrants do not start out as accounts payable clerks, but develop into one over the course of their professional lives. In addition to successful commercial training, gaining initial professional experience in the above-mentioned areas is therefore the most important step in becoming an accounts payable clerk. If you want to be in demand as a specialist, especially in times of digitization, you should also have the following knowledge:

  • Experience in dealing with SAP
  • Experience with electronic banking systems
  • confident handling of MS Office
  • good written and spoken English knowledge


What Does an Accounts Payable Clerk Earn?

from 30.000€

up to €50,000

Accounts Payable clerks earn between € 30,000 and €50,000 gross per year. With increasing professional experience, they can switch to larger or international companies and expand their area of ​​responsibility there. In addition, there are special further training courses for accounts payable clerks – for example on the subject of sales tax – with which employees can expand their knowledge and thus improve their negotiating position in salary matters. Part-time training to become an IHK-certified accountant is also possible.


What do you expect from the Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts payable clerks are reliable employees who work independently, in a structured manner and with great care. A quick grasp helps to cope with everyday work as well as team spirit and flexibility. Since digitization has influenced many tasks in the field of accounting and will probably continue to influence them in the future, accounts payable clerks should be willing to learn and continue their education on a regular basis. This is the only way they can lay the foundation for fulfilling the increasingly complex requirements and tasks in the long term.


Opportunities for advancement as Accounts Payable Clerk

Most accounts payable clerks start out as a traditional accountant and gradually specialize in accounts payable. Initially, the area of ​​responsibility usually only includes the processing of German invoices.

The more professional years and further training there are, the more successfully the area of ​​responsibility can grow to include aspects such as foreign invoicing or sales tax issues. And in the long term, development to head of accounting is also possible.

Aurora – City Hall

Search the contact information to look for job openings at the city government of Aurora.

Website: http://www.cityofaurora.org/cityhall.htm

Beatrice – Administrator Office

Contact the overseer of all city departments to inquire about employment opportunities with the city government.

Website: http://www.ci.beatrice.ne.us/admin.htm

Lincoln – Personnel Department

Find a job in the listings and apply for it with the supplied form. Also includes FAQ and contact information.

Website: http://www.ci.lincoln.ne.us/city/person/jobltrs.htm