Maine Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Senior Investment Controller

The senior investment controller is responsible for controlling and coordinating national and international investments and subsidiaries in holdings and corporations. With his many years of professional experience, he ensures that these contribute significantly to increasing the success and value of the company. To do this, he must also align the subsidiaries with the overriding goals of the group.

The senior investment controller supports the group management in the – if necessary worldwide – implementation of company strategies and corporate goals.

The job and typical tasks of a senior investment controller include

The tasks of a senior investment controller include regular reporting, target/actual comparisons, cost analyzes and liquidity calculations. The senior investment controller plays a kind of ambassador role here: he records complex relationships, ensures the exchange of information between the subsidiary and parent company and thus makes an important contribution to the success of the entire group. Due to his responsible task, he is often located quite high in the management hierarchy.

Employers generally require a degree in business administration with a focus on controlling. In addition, extensive professional experience in the areas of controlling and accounting (balance sheet and bookkeeping) as well as the natural handling of IT applications such as MS Office or SAP are required. Personalities who communicate confidently and convincingly are sought after for jobs in investment controlling.

Since they often have to carry out their planning, management and control tasks independently, corporate controllers need a high degree of personal responsibility and independence, which they have acquired in their many years of professional experience.

Financial expertise, willingness to travel and personal responsibility are among the most important characteristics in the job of Senior Investment Controller. Depending on the geographical orientation of the employer, it is important to master the required languages.

American Cancer Society

Work on a particular campaign for the society, including tobacco, breast cancer, school health education, or community outreach.


American Lung Association

Connect to volunteer opportunities in advocacy and administration and fill out an application. Augusta branch lists educational resources.


Central Maine Medical Center

Examine the options for community service at the medical center in Lewiston. Details its application process and health screening.


Creative Health Foundation

Lists a number of opportunities for students and explains its approach to mental illness. Learn about its services in South Portland.


Greater Portland Landmarks

Users can learn about historic preservation as they volunteer. Work in the office or garden, help during special events, or assist with PR.


Maine Appalachian Trail Club

View photographs and learn about upgrading the trail and educating the public about the environment. Detailed overviews and contact information.


Maine Conservation Corps

Offers a variety of volunteer positions working in Maine’s forests. Repair trails, build shelters, curb erosion, and teach for the environment.


Maine Maritime Museum

Museum in Bath displays a list of its volunteer positions. Teach sailing, assist the curator, work in admissions, and maintain boats.



Check out the list of Maine’s nonprofits and learn how to get involved. Diverse opportunities in health care and environmental activism.


Mid Coast Chapter Red Cross

Brunswick chapter of the Red Cross offers opportunities to serve in its disaster relief, military case work, blood drive, and health programs.


Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Provides legal aid to the poor. Learn about its staff, funding sources, and gather details about its classes and openings for volunteers.


RESTORE: The North Woods

Massachusetts nonprofit describes its activities to curb consumption of natural resources and protect wild land preserves. With contact details.


Sierra Club – Northern Forest

Get involved in public policy for the environmental protection of the Adirondack Mountains. Obtain contact information for the Bar Harbor office.


Teens Alive

Fill out a volunteer application to work with the youth ministry. Volunteer for retreats, sports events, meetings, or support groups in Alfred.


Tutoring Plus of Cambridge

Tutor a child in a number of subjects and join him or her in social activities. Includes a newsletter from the group.


Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program

Volunteers who are willing to make at least a two-year commitment are asked to help. Get information about the water quality testing program.