Paula Echevarria, MoNica Cruz, and Natasha Yarovenko Cover of Elle with Swarovsky Crystals

It is the most expected cover of the year and finally we have it here. It’s the number of luxury magazine Elle, the famous Home of Swarovski, After Paz Vega, Belén Rueda and Elsa Pataky, this year is led by Paula Echevarría, Mónica Cruz and Natasha Yarovenko.

So impressive are the three actresses, although I’ll stick with Paula, feel devotion for this girl. But I recognize that you between photoshop and the impressive make-up, the three are spectacular.

A home that has been used more than 15,000 of Swarovski crystals, in an intense session of more than 10 hours in which worked ten makeup artists specialized in “bodypainting”. They were responsible for placing one one the crystals in the naked bodies Paula, Monica and Natasha, and Pascal Chevallier commissioned to photograph them.

New this year is that it will be two different covers, so you buy the one you like. And you can also get the jewel of collectors Edition, a magazine that comes with hard cover and details of crystals.