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By | February 1, 2023
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What is a Business Intelligence Architect?

Processing mass data and making it accessible to interested stakeholders – gaining knowledge and creating added value from information: That is the goal of everyone involved in the data warehouse environment.

Depending on the company structure and requirement profile, Business Intelligence Architects can be employed on all three BI levels: They design databases, set up mechanisms for data processing and design reporting tools. They are both creators and designers of the data as well as recipients of inquiries and thus suppliers for colleagues and external consultants.

BI Architects work in a very technical area and ideally have programming skills. It is much more important, however, to continue to educate yourself with the high innovative strength of the entire IT, to obtain certificates and to keep in touch with other departments in order not to miss the connection.

»Data architect« with knowledge of trends

As in the entire data warehouse area, it is also the case for the BI Architect that this job description can be found primarily in medium-sized to large companies. Integrated into a team of BI experts, they are responsible for their employer’s data architecture, both in relation to the present and conceptually, taking into account the latest trends, processes and standards.

Both agile project work in a long-term framework – also across departments – as well as ad hoc analyzes are integral parts of everyday working life. Iterative approaches to modeling the BI architecture are just as appealing to BI architects as is the opportunity to bring their colleagues up to date with internal training.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in business administration, (business) engineering, (business) computer science or mathematics
  • Starting salary: €45,000
  • Top salary: €90,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Management of own BI team


What does a Business Intelligence Architect do?

  • First point of contact for the design of the BI landscape – conceptual head who discusses the implementation options for the latest inquiries/requirements and increases the efficiency of existing processes or, if necessary, integrates new modules
  • Establishment and/or consistent further development of the three areas of databases, data processing and reporting tools – also with regard to a rapidly growing market and ever increasing demands of one’s own company for data analysis
  • Processing of technical and professional inquiries with the help of the team consisting of programmers, administrators and other BI experts
  • Advice and, if necessary, further training for internal and external colleagues


How to become a Business Intelligence Architect

  • Completed degree in business administration, (industrial) engineering, (business) informatics or mathematics
  • Several years of experience with databases such as Big Data (Hadoop, NO SQL databases) or relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or Terradata through to the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake
  • Knowledge of data processing programs such as ETL, data capture and the latest streaming technologies
  • Application of reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SAP BW/SAP HANA, Qlik
  • If necessary, programming knowledge in the common languages ​​SWL, Python, JAVA,.NET
  • IT project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban
  • mostly good to very good knowledge of English


What does a Business Intelligence Architect earn?

from 45.000€

up to €90,000

Because of their studies, Business Intelligence Architects start with around €45,000 a year. Professional experience, the location and the size of the company and, last but not least, progressive negotiating skills lead to increases of up to €90,000.


What do you expect from a Business Intelligence Architect?

BI architects approach their tasks in a structured and analytical manner: they are the planners of the IT landscape in the big data business. In the technical context, they understand the language of programmers in the truest sense of the word and motivate them when problems arise. Based on their results, they further develop the data processing tools by modeling and optimizing.

Technical and professional know-how are the foundation of their work, whereby they continue to educate themselves and, in the best case, also get certified. Because BI Architects are embedded in a team of experts, they work collaboratively on both ad hoc requests and the design of entire BI architectures.


Opportunities for advancement as a Business Intelligence Architect

As an absolute team player, there is the possibility of taking over the management of the team up to the management of the IT department. Depending on the corporate hierarchy and culture, staff positions and further management levels are also conceivable.

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