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By | February 1, 2023
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Business Intelligence (BI) managers?

Business Intelligence Managers are the all-rounders in the entire BI process and the conceptual heads of the associated data analysis process. They keep track of a team of programmers, developers and analysts and represent their area in internal meetings where they present the latest advances as well as present problems and discuss them with the other participants.

Business Intelligence Managers are the interface between the experts from their team and colleagues from other departments. As a project manager, you are familiar with the common IT project management tools such as Kanban and Scrum. You have knowledge of a wide variety of databases, experience in various data processing programs and can handle common reporting tools.

Number-affine, assertive contact person

Business intelligence managers keep a cool head when deadlines are set and problems arise. Agile working and an iterative approach are just as natural as a certain affinity for numbers. They do not deter large projects such as setting up a BI environment. Internally, they push through their requirements persistently, but always in a collegial manner.

BI managers are the people to talk to when it comes to explaining complex issues to a non-professional audience in a way that is easy to understand – even for analyzes that need to be prepared at short notice. With this intermediary form of communication, they ensure greater acceptance of big data and break down barriers within the company.

Mass data is the foundation of the business intelligence area, which is why this highly complex topic mainly occurs in medium-sized to large companies. Accordingly, business intelligence managers work in teams and in companies of the size mentioned.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in business administration, (business) engineering, (business) computer science or mathematics
  • Starting salary: €44,000
  • Top salary: €84,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Management of own BI team


What does a business intelligence manager do?

  • Management of BI inquiries from other departments with the creation of a requirement profile and planning horizon and answering with the help of the team
  • Architecture consulting, design and conception in the BI environment
  • systematic analysis of the internal IT landscape and its consistent further development with the help of the team
  • Implementation of ad hoc analyzes and adequate presentation/explanation of the results outside of the BI environment
  • Sparring partner in the team for professional and technical issues
  • Possibly coaching within and outside of the team


How to become a Business Intelligence Manager

  • Completed degree in business administration, (industrial) engineering, (business) informatics or mathematics
  • Several years of experience with databases such as Big Data (Hadoop, NO SQL databases) or relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or Terradata through to the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake
  • Knowledge of data processing programs such as ETL, data capture and the latest streaming technologies
  • Application of reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SAP BW/SAP HANA, Qlik
  • Programming skills in the common languages ​​SWL, Python, JAVA, .NET are also welcome
  • IT project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban
  • mostly good to very good knowledge of English


What does a Business Intelligence Manager earn?

from 44.000€

up to €84,000

Business Intelligence Managers start with around €44,000 annually. Depending on soft factors such as negotiating skills and company philosophy or hard factors such as company location and size as well as the degree of internationalization, the salary can be increased to up to €84,000 with increasing expertise.


What do you expect from the Business Intelligence Manager?

The already mentioned data affinity should be present as well as flexible but precise working. Team and communication skills are just as important as the ability to keep track of complex problems.

At least basic knowledge of the entire data creation, processing and analysis process should be available in order to be able to understand problems and identify solutions. With their negotiating skills, business intelligence managers ensure understanding outside their area, can initiate and successfully complete necessary process changes in the company. They motivate and challenge their team and maneuver them through all sorts of imponderables in the IT environment.


Opportunities for advancement as a Business Intelligence Manager

Business Intelligence Managers have their role within the BI team. With the appropriate professional experience, they can change roles in the team or become a BI team leader. Depending on the company structure, further career steps are possible within IT or in management.

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