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By | February 1, 2023
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What is an accountant?

Accountants can be true all-rounders in a company: However, the possible range of tasks is very broad and ranges from simple routine activities such as entering invoices to the preparation of highly complex annual financial statements.

In general, accountants are responsible for chronologically recording the business transactions occurring in the company (e.g. purchase of goods, consumption of materials, sale of finished goods, payment of salaries, depreciation of assets) and properly posting them to the appropriate accounts – with the aim of reducing the financial determine the status quo of the company.

When processing the various business transactions, accountants have to observe a wide range of accounting regulations, such as the principles of proper bookkeeping or commercial law regulations.

Other typical tasks are, for example, the value adjustments of assets made as part of the preparation of monthly and annual financial statements, the formation of provisions and the implementation of accruals and deferrals.

»The« accountant per se does not exist

Depending on the organization and size of a company, accountants with certain specializations appear, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable or financial accountants, asset accountants or payroll accountants. The areas of responsibility are correspondingly different, depending on the specialization. The accountant has the widest range of activities, including preparing annual financial statements and being the contact person for the tax advisor.

In smaller companies, generalists often work as bookkeepers or sole bookkeepers and thus cover a very wide range of tasks. However, there are also accounting assistants who primarily provide support through recording activities.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Training: Completed training in a commercial profession, eg as an office clerk or tax clerk
  • Starting salary: €30,000
  • Top salary: €65,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Accounting, Head of Accounts Payable, Head of Accounts Receivable, Accountant International


What does an accountant do?

The range of tasks of an accountant depends heavily on the specialization, and the organizational and team structure of the respective accounting department also plays a role. The following list only gives a general overview of the accountant’s area of ​​responsibility.

More qualified tasks such as the preparation of annual accounts correspond to the field of activity of an accountant; an accounts receivable clerk, on the other hand, finds himself in tasks such as due date analysis and dunning.

If a job offer is generally headed with the search for an “accountant”, you should check carefully: Which job profile is queried in the job description, what exact tasks does the position include?

In general, accountant responsibilities include:

  • Allocation and posting of documents, e.g. incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, credit notes, account statements, cash receipts, etc.
  • Creation and maintenance of the master data
  • Processing of main, sub, property and asset accounting
  • Keeping the journal to record all business transactions over time
  • Management of the general ledger for the factual ordering of all business transactions on G/L accounts (stock accounts and profit and loss accounts)
  • Monitoring of open items
  • Due date analysis and dunning
  • Creation of statistical reports
  • Development of ad hoc evaluations for the financial sector
  • Coordination and preparation of the advance sales tax return and declaration
  • Intercompany account reconciliations and clarifications as well as on-charges
  • Calculation of provisions, prepaid expenses and interest
  • Preparation and creation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Assistance for and communication with external service providers such as tax consultants and auditors


How to become an accountant

  • Completed training in a commercial profession, e.g. as an office clerk or tax clerk
  • alternatively: Further training as a financial accountant or accountant
  • Good knowledge of relevant accounting software (e.g. SAP, Navision)
  • good MS Office skills
  • possibly good knowledge of English


What does an accountant earn?

from 30.000€

up to €65,000

Depending on their specialization and professional experience, accountants can expect an annual salary of around €30,000 or more (e.g. for accounts receivable/accounts payable clerks). An accountant can earn around €65,000 pa.


What do you expect from the accountant?

Since all activities in the field of accounting revolve around the recording and evaluation of company finances and key figures, an accountant should have a strong affinity for numbers. His way of working is precise, careful and reliable. Depending on their specialization, accountants should be able to structure themselves and their tasks on the one hand and carry out routine activities in a concentrated manner on the other. Even in stressful situations, accountants keep a cool head and work conscientiously.


Opportunities for advancement as an accountant

Accountants usually already have the technical know-how for the head of accounting. If you are aiming for a management position and you have the necessary social skills, this would be the career path of choice. The team management of a department, for example accounts payable or accounts receivable (if there are these positions in the company), can be a first hierarchical career step.

In order to expand the theoretical knowledge in this area, further training as an international accountant (IHK) or a similar further training (e.g. CINA – Certificate in International Accounting) is recommended.

If you are interested in an international orientation and have a good knowledge of English, you can further your professional development by moving to an (international) company with more complex accounting requirements.

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