Police Departments Jobs in Florida

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Specialist for finance and controlling

A specialist in finance and controlling has in-depth knowledge of commercial corporate management. As a controller, he controls, plans and monitors economic processes in order to ensure success on the goods and service markets. His specialty may also be in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčentrepreneurial activity in the financial markets.

Thanks to his broad knowledge, the specialist in finance and controlling understands complex company processes, uses the interfaces between the different areas and keeps an eye on synergy effects.

Part of the job and the typical tasks of a specialist in finance and controlling

Controlling and finance specialists are often employed in managerial positions in commercial corporate management. Depending on their professional orientation, they can also be experts in the investment controlling, risk management or corporate finance departments of financial service providers.

In order to master his task, a specialist in finance and controlling should have personal skills such as communication skills, analytical skills, accuracy and empathy. At the same time, he needs a feel for current economic trends and should be very familiar with his industry.

Specialists in finance and controlling often have a degree in business administration with a focus on controlling or a postgraduate course in finance and controlling. Employers also need extensive professional experience in the field of accounting (balance sheet and bookkeeping) and the natural handling of IT applications such as MS Office or SAP.

Since experts in finance and controlling often have to carry out their planning, management or control tasks independently, they need a high degree of personal responsibility and independence.

Avon Park – Police Department Employment

Review the recruitment process of this law enforcement agency. Explore the benefits of a career as a police officer.

Website: http://www.strato.net/~appd/Recruit.htm

Capitol – Police Employment

Survey a list of job openings within this state law enforcement agency. Find contact details to submit an application.

Website: http://www.state.fl.us/dms/dfm/cap/employment_opportunities_…

Eustis – Police Department Employment

Research the recruiting procedures for this law enforcement agency, and explore current job openings. Peruse an overview of benefits offered.

Website: http://www.sundial.net/~galaxy/emp.htm

Florida – Highway Patrol Employment

Statewide law enforcement agency offers career opportunities as a trooper. Submit an application, and review the selection criteria.

Website: http://www.fhp.state.fl.us/html/troop_info.htm

Fort Lauderdale – Police Department Employment

Complete an application for employment and submit it to this law enforcement agency. Peruse job descriptions and listings.

Website: http://info.ci.ftlaud.fl.us/police/employ.htm

Fort Pierce – Police Department Employment

Explore the salaries and benefits packages offered to law enforcement officers at this police department. Research the selection criteria.

Website: http://www.ftpiercepolice.com/employment.htm

Indian River County – Sheriff’s Office Employment

Research this law enforcement agency’s employment opportunities. Find contact details to apply for a position.

Website: http://www.ircsheriff.org/jobs.htm

Tallahassee – Department of Corrections Employment

Research employment opportunities in the Florida Department of Corrections. Read the mission statement, and survey employee awards.

Website: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/working.htm