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By | February 1, 2023
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What is a business manager?

A business manager in our project implementation is comparable to a managing director: In his business area, he takes care of tasks such as strategy, acquisition, budget and resource planning, preparation of financial statements as well as recruiting and employee management. He is also a member of the board of directors.

Business managers have already gained a lot of professional experience and leadership skills in their working lives. They come from related industries and focus on bringing their expertise to bear: This can be, for example, the connection to the telecommunications industry or health care; or they are experts in a specific direction, e.g. digitization, compliance issues or regulation in the banking sector. This allows them to set up internal centers of excellence.

Active in the project and in acquisition

Particularly consulting-oriented business managers can be involved in complex or extensive projects. You provide technical support to the project implementers and are the first point of contact for customers. Due to their close involvement with the client, they also recognize the further project needs of the customer and can support them with solutions.

Business managers have to observe the market, follow the major trends in medium-sized companies and in corporations and align their business and their priorities accordingly. Needs must therefore be identified and the offer adapted accordingly.

Digitization topics are also part of the business manager’s job profile, because digital systems and automation play a central role in process optimization as part of customer projects. In addition, of course, daily work processes are also largely determined by digital communication.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Successfully completed studies in economics or comparable training as a businessman with a focus on corporate management/controlling/accounting
  • Starting salary: €80,000
  • Top salary: €200,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: branch manager, authorized signatory, director


What does a business manager do?

The business manager leads an internal team that supports him in customer acquisition, recruitment and selection as well as supervision of project implementers. At the same time, he has to control his projects according to the size of the team, the task and the professional maturity of the project implementer. In doing so, he must keep an eye on their development on projects, coach them and promote them. Business managers are also interested in young people and talent to build and expand their business.

  • Acquisition of new orders
  • customer service
  • Taking responsibility for a business area
  • Budget and resource planning for the responsible business area
  • Establishment, expansion and management of a motivated team
  • Recruitment and further development of experienced project implementers and project managers
  • Contact person for project implementers in technical questions and, if necessary, active support on customer projects
  • Sharing one’s own knowledge and experiences with teammates in order to create a common knowledge base in the company


How to become a business manager

Business managers are experienced professionals with line or project experience.

In addition, they meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully completed studies in economics or comparable training as a businessman with a focus on corporate management/controlling/accounting
  • leadership experience
  • Experience in the planning or implementation of projects in a finance & controlling functional area of ​​a company or a consulting/auditing company
  • Knowledge of the current developments and challenges of digitization as well as corporate management and reporting functions
  • ideally experience in the use of common ERP, planning, consolidation and/or reporting systems
  • Safe handling of MS Office products
  • very good knowledge of German and English


What does a Business Manager earn?

von 80.000€

bis 200.000€

As executives, business managers receive a gross annual salary of 80,000 to 200,000 euros. In addition, there is a performance bonus of up to 30 percent of the gross salary, depending on the result generated by his business area. The individual salary is determined by professional qualifications and professional experience.


What is expected of a business manager?

Business managers represent the values ​​of the company to the outside world. They can reconcile seriousness, authenticity and a high level of stress and also inspire their team for common goals. You are self-assured, sociable, strong in communication and sales. He is familiar with topics from controlling and accounting. Creative approaches, multilingualism, presentation and negotiation confidence make them successful representatives of the company.


Opportunities for advancement as a business manager

As a business manager, you can be promoted to branch manager. It is also possible to strategically develop the company as a whole.

A business manager can also become an authorized officer or director through his own initiative, successful activity in the area of ​​responsibility and according to the importance of his business.

Bloomington – Indiana University Police Department

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Evansville – Police Department Employment

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Website: http://police.evansville.net/personnel_menu.htm

Westfield Police Department

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Website: http://www.westfieldtown.org/police.htm