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By | February 1, 2023
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Business Intelligence (BI) developers?

BI developers build on the work of the technically highly experienced BI engineers and use this as a basis to map professional processes: With the help of ETL/ELT procedures, they take the raw data provided and make it available in the databases for further use.

In a team, BI developers work out the smartest strategy: first extract (E), then transform (T) and finally load (L) or load the raw data directly into the database after extraction (E) (L) and then transform (T). There is much more behind this than a pure source-destination transformation: It is about the meaningful provision of data, which leads to a gain in knowledge at the end of the process.

Great responsibility for sensibly used resources

The technical initial analysis, which maps ideas and requests from the specialist departments as precisely as possible, is decisive for the success or failure of a new data integration: If BI developers do not recognize what is actually needed right from the start, valuable time elapses and resources are wasted.

It is true that failures are part of every job and lead to a sustainable learning process; However, due to the large amounts of data, processor capacities and working hours are blocked in this area until there is a query across all three levels of database, data processing and reporting. Therefore, especially at the beginning – i.e. at the time of importing the raw data – the key data must be precisely defined so that on the one hand development does not miss the desired result and on the other hand there is no risk of presenting incorrect results with the right data.

Another important building block in the area of ​​responsibility of BI developers is, in addition to the import and provision of raw data, the preparation of new data using reports, dashboards and other visualization options. The specialist knowledge characteristic of BI developers, which is data-driven but can also be used conceptually, helps here.

Close exchange with specialist colleagues

While BI engineers form the technical opposite pole, BI developers translate the questions asked by other departments into a technically feasible variant of requirements and pass them on to the BI engineer colleagues.

Like most colleagues in the BI team, BI developers work on ad hoc queries as well as on long-term projects. They bring agile working methods and disruptive processes with the common Kanban or Scrum project management tools to the table, as well as the ability to work in a team and a pronounced hands-on mentality.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in business administration, (business) engineering, (business) computer science or mathematics
  • Starting salary: €45,000
  • Top salary: €70,500


What does a Business Intelligence Developer do?

  • Data import using ETL/ELT procedures either in existing database landscapes or on separate SQL servers
  • Depending on the technical requirements, creation of dashboards or reports based on the newly imported data
  • Processing of ad hoc requests
  • Project work in cooperation with BI engineers and BI architects for the (further) development of the entire BI area
  • Creation of training documents and implementation of training courses for internal users


How to become a Business Intelligence Developer

  • Completed degree in business administration, (industrial) engineering, (business) informatics or mathematics
  • Several years of experience with databases such as Big Data (Hadoop, NO SQL databases) or relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or Terradata through to the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Salesforce, Matilion
  • Knowledge of data processing programs such as ETL/ELT, data capture and the latest streaming technologies
  • Application of reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SAP BW/SAP HANA, Qlik
  • If necessary, programming knowledge in the common languages ​​SWL, Python, JAVA,.NET, SSIS, T-SQL, Powershell
  • IT project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban
  • good to very good knowledge of English


What does a Business Intelligence Developer earn?

from 45.000€

up to €70,500

Through their studies, BI developers start their careers with an annual salary of around €45,000. With a steadily increasing horizon of experience and through continuous training measures, the annual salary can amount to up to €70,500. As everywhere else, the exact content is of course determined by internal and external influences. Depending on the company’s location and industry and your own negotiating skills, smaller or larger salary increases are therefore possible, both inside and outside the current company.


What do you expect from a Business Intelligence Developer?

BI developers develop the latest data models with and on the basis of the engineering services of the BI engineers and, based on them, create visualized documents, including interactive dashboards or reports, as required. Like everyone involved in the BI area, you are responsible for a stable, high-performance data landscape and, as a team player, are integrated into a network of experts and managers.

BI developers approach their tasks in a precise, reliable and analytical manner and are not only thirsty for knowledge, but also team players and strong communicators.

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