Police Departments Jobs in Kentucky

By | February 1, 2023
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What is a Business Intelligence Data Engineer?

BI data engineers form the interface between the database, data processing and reporting levels: In this way, they ensure smooth processes within the three areas and, with the help of access rights, create the opportunity for employees from other departments to carry out adjustments and individual queries.

However, BI data engineers are not only responsible for communication within the system and the alignment of data, but also for the successful technical connection of new tools and their integration into the existing BI environment. So they form the technical counterpart to the more professionally oriented BI developers.

Designer for the internal system landscape

On the basis of ad hoc inquiries from the specialist departments, BI data engineers develop proposed solutions and create concepts with which they combine similar inquiries in a meaningful and efficient manner. They see themselves as designers of the system landscape in the truest sense of the word and skilfully link different programming languages ​​to form a data pool. This, in turn, can be used to gain new insights that provide management with a more structured and accurate picture of the data mix.

BI data engineers know about the overall context and the possibilities of mass data in the field of business intelligence. To this end, they develop complex solutions in and with their BI team and continuously expand the radius of data-driven business models. They translate the various programming languages ​​and data processing tools and, with the help of reports, bring them into a comprehensible form and presentation.

This happens in larger-scale project work, which either only consists of BI employees or involves other specialist departments. A lot of staying power and knowledge of various project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban are not only helpful, but rather a prerequisite for the job profile of the BI data engineer.

The future potential of BI is enormous

The entire BI area is extremely volatile and disruptive due to its high innovative power, so that today’s processes and requirements can be questioned again tomorrow. But that is exactly what makes the area so interesting for BI experts; because in business intelligence, with its great future viability, there are numerous opportunities for employees. Experts in this area are therefore enthusiastic about changes and suggestions for improvement, so that they are undoubtedly one of the most dynamic teams in companies.

BI data engineers demonstrate their ability to work in a team and their structured way of working every day – be it in internal team meetings or across disciplines. Even if they are constantly working with big data and data warehousing and are surrounded by these topics, BI data engineers have a great interest in creating an understanding of their area outside of the BI environment. They see themselves as pioneers in their field and therefore often bring a certain start-up mentality with them.

BI Data Engineers delve deep into the data warehouse, so knowledge of specific programming languages ​​and fluency in English is usually a requirement for this job. Of course, the exact requirements for our project implementers, who work as BI data engineers, depend on the client profile and its industry.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: : Completed degree in business administration, (business) engineering, (business) computer science or mathematics
  • Starting salary: €55,000
  • Top salary: €78,000


What does a Business Intelligence Data Engineer do?

  • conceptual integration of various tools into the existing BI environment
  • responsible for coherent communication between the three areas of databases, data processing and reporting to comply with certain quality standards and improve them
  • Processing of ad hoc inquiries from the specialist departments
  • Development of training material and implementation of training courses within and outside the BI area as required


How to become a Business Intelligence Data Engineer

  • Completed degree in business administration, (industrial) engineering, (business) informatics or mathematics
  • Several years of experience with databases such as Big Data (Hadoop, NO SQL databases) or relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or Terradata through to the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Salesforce, Matilion
  • Knowledge of data processing programs such as ETL, data capture and the latest streaming technologies
  • Application of reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SAP BW/SAP HANA, Qlik
  • Programming knowledge in the common languages ​​SWL, Python, JAVA,.NET, SSIS, T-SQL, Powershell
  • IT project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban
  • usually very good knowledge of English


What does a Business Intelligence Data Engineer earn?

from 55.000€

up to €78,000

Due to their technical expertise, the annual salary for BI data engineers starts at around €55,000. With increasing professional experience, however, it can rise to €78,000 per year. Both the starting salary and the overall salary development are influenced by external (company location and culture/structure) as well as internal factors (own negotiating skills, requesting training).


What do you expect from the Business Intelligence Data Engineer?

Programming forms the knowledge base for business intelligence data engineers even more than for BI developers. Building on this, they reinvent the data warehouse in a team or as a sole BI engineer almost every day.

With every additional tool and with every request from the specialist departments, they expand and/or supplement the data framework. Thinking outside the box is just as natural for her as teamwork and successful project management. Independent, self-determined work is just as much part of the basic understanding of BI data engineers as having fun developing tailor-made solutions and presenting them in large groups.

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