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By | February 1, 2023
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What is an Accounting Assistant?

The primary task of accounting assistants is to relieve their superiors. The assistants take care of the routine work, giving the accountants time for other or more pressing tasks.

Accounting assistants are employed to maintain databases, make bookings, and assist their supervisors in gathering and analyzing data for audits and information for presentations. There are accounting assistants in almost all companies and sectors, in banks and auditing and consulting companies – so it is easy to understand that their work also depends heavily on their working environment.

Good accounting assistants shape their job profile themselves

Anyone who wants to get ahead as an accounting assistant must first do what is expected of him or her, until the quality of the work is no longer questioned and reliability has become a matter of course. But then the real challenge for the accounting assistants begins – what is known in Anglo-Saxon parlance as »grabbing the job«. What is meant by this is the acquisition of the skills that the superiors have and that the assistants should gradually acquire so that they become discussion partners on an equal footing.

When accounting assistants are asked for their opinion on current topics, processes or issues, it is usually a good sign. However, they must learn early and quickly how to get involved without appearing know-it-alls: what is required in training-oriented companies – personal initiative – can be seen as a threat to their own position by less ambitious managers in other companies. It is often better if accounting assistants take a step back and practice patience in order to present their acquired knowledge with convincing arguments at the right moment.

The careers of accounting assistants are also significantly shaped by the corporate culture of a company and the »personality« of their superiors. Training-oriented companies, often with high internal employee turnover between departments, may offer assistants better opportunities than companies whose fixed structures allow less flexibility.

»Accounting Assistant on a permanent basis« is becoming increasingly attractive

Thanks to modern technology, anyone who does not (or no longer) want to or cannot work within the fixed structures of a company or its binding working hours has the opportunity today to work as an external accounting assistant, whether employed or freelance. This is often a win-win situation for everyone involved: free choice of working hours, scope and location and a work-life balance tailored to individual needs for the assistants, more flexibility in planning for the companies. Corona has shown that telephone and video conferences also enable successful meetings; Since access to electronic data in accounting also works without any problems, location-independent collaboration is almost unlimited. In recent years, a wide market has opened up here for all those who, for example want to return to work after a break. The term accounting “assistant” is often an understatement and does not do justice to the actual work of experienced accounting assistants. However, this is often more than compensated for by attractive remuneration.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training and sound tax knowledge or training as a tax clerk or a degree in business administration or a comparable qualification with a relevant focus
  • Starting salary: €32,000 pa
  • Spitzengehalt: 000 € p.a.
  • Opportunities for advancement: Accountant, Senior Accountant, Group Accountant


What does an accounting assistant do?

Accounting assistants support the accounting department by taking on tasks primarily in the areas of data maintenance and processing as well as posting accounts payable and accounts receivable. They help with exams, collect information for presentations internally and externally, carry out fact checks, check invoices and prepare payments. They are intended to relieve accountants of routine tasks. If you are a career starter, you learn on-the-job.


How to become an accounting assistant

Accounting assistants undergo commercial training, with special emphasis being placed on acquiring in-depth tax knowledge, or they complete a degree in business administration with a corresponding focus, for example.


What does an Accounting Assistant earn?

von 32.000€

bis 49.000€

Salaries for accounting assistants start at around €32,000 pa They earn around €40,000 pa on average, but professional experience and specialization may also be rewarded with significantly higher salaries. In addition, there are factors such as the size of the company, location and scope of tasks, so that the salary range is broad.


What do you expect from the Accounting Assistant?

  • Affinity for numbers and IT
  • Analytical thinking
  • Structured way of working
  • precision and reliability
  • Professional use of MS Office, especially Excel
  • Good English knowledge


Opportunities for advancement as Accounting Assistant

Accounting assistants typically advance to accountants and, upon appropriate parole, to senior accountants and group accountants.
Those returning to work, including more and more home office workers, increase their pay as they become more integrated into work processes, but are rarely considered for internal promotions.

Kennebunk – Police Department Employment

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