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By | February 1, 2023
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What is an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

Accounts receivable accounting plays an important role within financial accounting, because in addition to recording and managing receivables and credits, it is also responsible for the realization of outstanding receivables.

Accounts receivable clerks keep an eye on incoming payments via the bank and cash register, create reminders for payment arrears and agree payment and credit terms with customers. The main tasks also include the creation and accounting entry of outgoing invoices as well as the posting of incoming payments and clarification of payment differences.

Depending on the company or the organization of the bookkeeping, there are also financial accounting activities, such as the advance sales tax return, the participation in monthly and annual financial statements and the calculation of provisions in the field of activity of an accounts receivable clerk.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Training: Completed commercial training, for example as an office clerk, industrial clerk, wholesale and foreign trade clerk or clerk for office communications
  • Starting salary: €30,000
  • Top salary: €42,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of accounts receivable management, accountant


What does an accounts receivable clerk do?

  • Posting and account assignment of outgoing invoices (including outgoing invoice creation) and incoming payments
  • receivables management
  • Dunning
  • creation of credit notes
  • Account Clarification/Reconciliation
  • Contact person for customers/debtors (regarding the payment modalities)
  • Participation in the sales tax return


How to become an Accounts Receivable Clerk

  • Completed commercial training, for example as an office clerk, industrial clerk, wholesale and foreign trade clerk or clerk for office communication
  • ideally further training as a financial accountant
  • Good knowledge of relevant accounting software (e.g. SAP, Navision)
  • good MS Office skills
  • possibly knowledge of English


How much does an accounts receivable clerk earn?

from 30.000€

up to €42,000

Accounts receivable clerks can expect an annual salary of between € 30,000 and €42,000 . Within accounting, the lowest salaries are paid in accounts receivable and accounts payable. The salary of a financial accountant, which requires significantly more specialist knowledge, is usually a few thousand euros higher.


What do you expect from the accounts receivable clerk?

In addition to a very good understanding of numbers and a meticulous, result-oriented way of working, accounts receivable clerks should be able to structure themselves well. You keep an eye on appointments independently and do not miss any deadlines.

In addition, they should be communicative and assertive in order to negotiate conditions with customers in the interests of the company. Corresponding to this position, accounts receivable clerks must therefore be discreet and reliable and loyal to their company.


Opportunities for advancement as Accounts Receivable Clerk

A career step in the direction of staff management is the (team) management of accounts receivable management, provided that there is sufficient professional experience and personal suitability. However, this position requires a corresponding company size and structure and therefore does not exist nationwide.

A professional career opportunity offers further development as a financial accountant with more complex accounting tasks, usually accompanied by further training with insights into the general ledger, the land register and the accounts payable area.

Building on this and with the necessary professional experience, the position of accountant is the next professional step. This requires around three years of training alongside the job, in which, among other things, the tax aspects relevant to the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements are taught.

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