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By | February 1, 2023
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What is Associate Private Equity?

Associates work for private equity fund managers and venture capital firms that invest in and develop companies. After about five to seven years, the company should be resold with an increase in value if possible. In such an investment process, there is a “deal team,” which typically consists of an associate or analyst, an investment manager or investment director, and a partner.

If the company discovers a potential investment, the investment team must assess whether the company to be acquired is a good investment opportunity. To do this, they will put both the industry and the company itself to the test. In this process, associates take on numerous tasks in the background: they collect information, analyze company and market data as well as the annual financial statements.

Use for controlling and strategy

Since company values ​​and investor demand are currently high, companies are usually sold via M&A. These companies are offered to the market in so-called structured processes or auctions — and can thus often achieve an optimal price. For the purchasing fund or company, however, a high purchase price increases the pressure on the return on the capital employed. Buyers therefore ideally try to get hold of so-called proprietary transactions. These are exclusive investment opportunities that are initiated in particular through a good network and particularly good access to the selling office.

After the transaction, the associate usually remains in the support team, which looks after the acquired portfolio company during the five to seven-year holding period. In this investment phase, the team continues to analyze and accompany the company’s ongoing development through very real-time controlling. Furthermore, it works together with the company on the implementation of the various corporate strategies and helps in particular with additional acquisitions, divestments and financing.

Developments and drivers of private equity

The »private equity« investment class has gained momentum since the late 1980s and has meanwhile developed into an established asset class. Also as a result of the financial crisis of 2008, interest in private equity investments continued to grow. A lack of return opportunities and low interest rates in the money and capital markets have prompted many investors — especially from the institutional sector — to invest in private equity funds.

The high inflow of liquidity into this asset class has led to high demand for companies for sale – and thus to higher company prices. In many cases, these have increased so much that the purchase price has already been fully factored into the company’s expected development. The private equity companies take correspondingly more risk with their investments.

The professionals from the deal teams — above all the associates who are responsible for ongoing corporate controlling — have to be even more closely involved in what is actually happening in the company than was usually necessary in the past.

Private equity and digitization

The use of IT systems and digital tools has become a matter of course in the private equity industry. The associate must take the ongoing digitization and its potential disruptive effects on the portfolio companies of private equity funds into account in the risk analysis.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in economics or law (ideally double degree/MBA)
  • Starting salary: €70,000
  • Top salary: €140,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Investment Manager, Investment Director, Partner, Managing Partner


What does an Associate Private Equity do?

  • Identification of target companies, development and implementation of strategies for addressing potential target companies, independent active deal sourcing
  • Execution of market and industry analyzes for target companies within the corporate strategy
  • Summary and presentation of new investment opportunities
  • Participation in the development of new acquisition and growth strategies
  • Modeling and structuring of acquisitions
  • close cooperation and control of external consultants such as auditors, banks and management consultants
  • Active controlling of the portfolio companies and close cooperation with the finance department and the accounting departmentof the portfolio companies
  • Creation and monitoring of schedules
  • Creation of presentations and project documents
  • Participation in the purchase examination, negotiation and completion of the investments
  • Support in the implementation of change processes in the portfolio companies with the management teams and colleagues
  • intensive cooperation and support in the implementation of company sales


How does one become an Associate Private Equity?

Although the position of associate is an entry-level position in the private equity industry, it is usually difficult for graduates to access directly after graduation. Private equity companies expect at least two to four years of relevant work experience that prepares them for the requirements of the private equity industry. In addition, companies have the following requirements for associates:

  • Degree in economics or law (ideally double degree/MBA)
  • At least 2-4 years of relevant professional experience in the M&A or corporate finance area, in a well-known management consultancy, in an investment bank, in acquisition financing at banks or in transaction consulting for the “Big 4” auditors
  • Knowledge of financial modeling
  • fluent German and English
  • Very good MS Office skills (esp. Excel)


What does an Associate Private Equity earn?

from 70.000€

up to €140,000

An Associate Private Equity earns above average despite their entry-level position: In addition to the annual base salary, there is a performance-related bonus. The exact amount of basic salary, bonus and carried interest mainly depends on the size of the private equity fund or company as well as professional experience and is between € 70,000 and €140,000 in total.


What do you expect from Associate Private Equity?

Private equity places high demands and expectations on its employees. In this respect, employers value very good school grades, excellent university degrees and first-class assessments from the first years of work. Potential applicants have gained relevant insights into private equity-related topics through student traineeships or internships during their studies and their job after their studies and have developed into top performers.

Private Equity Associates are extremely resilient and willing to work above average. You keep track of things even in exceptional situations and work flawlessly. You are extremely focused, but at the same time have a strong entrepreneurial mindset: you understand companies, business models and their challenges and can identify business opportunities.

Associates are extremely quantitative and approach tasks objectively and pragmatically. At the same time, they are real team players with good contact and communication skills.


Opportunities for advancement as Associate Private Equity

The career path in private equity leads from the associate to the investment manager to the investment director. Anyone who achieves something extraordinary and has made a name for themselves in the industry can make it to partner and/or managing partner after appropriate professional experience and success. Private equity workers are also in high demand in other areas of finance.

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