Police Departments Jobs in South Dakota

By | February 1, 2023
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What is a chief accountant?

Chief accountants arrange the business transactions recorded chronologically according to factual criteria and thus create the prerequisites for a company’s proper balance sheet. You are responsible for preparing the scheduled and unscheduled financial accounting reports and for checking them before forwarding them to internal and external bodies.

Chief accountants are the top “sorting place” of all data

All the figures of a company can be found in the bookkeeping; However, their chronological listing is usually much too extensive and therefore not very meaningful for the interpretation by internal and external bodies. It is the task of the chief accountant to bundle the information from the accounting on the basis of the legal requirements in such a way that the management and external parties trained in accounting can recognize and assess the performance of the company on the basis of the nationally and internationally agreed standards. Chief accountants also provide information on the assessment of duties to tax and financial authorities.

General ledgers consolidate accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and fixed assets before forwarding them to third parties. They are responsible for the correctness of the scheduled and unscheduled reports to management, and they are responsible for ensuring that external bodies such as authorities and auditing companies receive correct figures and information.

In large companies with several branches or subsidiaries, and especially in international companies, the tasks of the chief accountant are expanded to include the coordination of data collection and the “control” of data interpretation to create comparability.

E-accounting is also changing the job description of the chief accountant

Digitization has long been an integral part of all bookkeeping, and it is precisely in this area that the paperless office is almost a reality. Special software programs have long been organizing receipts and data in real time, the data is merged automatically and makes it easier for chief accountants to keep the general ledger. However, it is all the more their responsibility to recognize and use existing scope.

With the increasing penetration of accounting through digitization, the tasks of the chief accountant are also changing. On the one hand, they are responsible for the correct assignment of business transactions to the respective balance sheet items – and thus also for the assessment of the company by stakeholders. On the other hand, they need an in-depth understanding of the technical processes behind the data collection and thus more and more soft skills, because what they don’t understand themselves they have to be able to explain, and they have to explain their goals and intentions to those responsible for programming are. Coordination with external bodies such as auditing and other consulting firms also requires thinking outside the box, often instinct in talks and discussions,

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training or training as a tax clerk and further training to become a “certified accountant” (IHK) or economics studies with relevant focuses and IHK exams / several years of professional experience
  • Starting salary: €44,000
  • Top salary: €63,500
  • Opportunities for advancement: Accountant or senior positions in finance and accounting


What Does a Chief Accountant Do?

  • Timely preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to HGB and IFRS, if necessary also US GAAP
  • Monitoring of reserve and accrual accounts
  • Preparation of sales tax returns
  • Monitoring of accounts receivable, accounts payable, personnel and asset accounting
  • Control of dunning
  • Preparation of the documents for the annual accounts
  • Cooperation with external bodies (tax office, auditors)
  • Participation in the optimization of internal processes and procedures
  • Answering ad hoc inquiries from management and external bodies


How to become a chief accountant

  • Commercial training or training as a tax clerk and further training to become a “certified accountant” (IHK) / also economic studies with relevant focuses (finance, controlling, accounting) as well as IHK exams / several years of professional experience
  • Knowledge of accounting and tax law and national and, if applicable, international accounting regulations (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP)


What Does a Chief Accountant Earn?

von 44.000€

bis 63.500€


What do you expect from the chief accountant?

  • Several years experience
  • Good knowledge of tax law
  • Analytical thinking, pronounced affinity for numbers, structured and precise way of working
  • Confident use of MS Office, especially Excel
  • Technical understanding of ERP systems and high interest in processes
  • Communication skills and teamwork
  • Understanding of economic relationships
  • Good English knowledge


Opportunities for advancement as chief accountant

Various positions in the company are open to chief accountants. You can become an accountant or take on managerial positions in finance and accounting.

Rapid City – Police Department Jobs

Describes the work environment, responsibilities and benefits of various jobs available with the department. Find application closing dates.

Website: http://ci.rapid-city.sd.us/citygovt/police/job.htm

Spearfish – Police Department

Law enforcement agency describes its operation units and administration. Obtain contact information to send applications of interest.

Website: http://police.spearfish.sd.us/

Vermillion – University of South Dakota Police

Lists the criteria and responsibilities for available jobs in the department. See annual salary or hourly wage offered.

Website: http://www.usd.edu/publicsafety/employment.htm