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By | February 1, 2023
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What is a Group Financial Accountant?

Group financial accountants are responsible for recording and consolidating the accounting of individual companies in a group.

You have the “overall supervision” over the reporting of the national and international individual companies and/or subsidiaries, ensure the application of and compliance with the statutory accounting regulations and are responsible for the timely and correct preparation of consolidated interim and annual financial statements.

They usually report to the CFO or operational management; they are the contact for specialist departments, auditors and control bodies and advise national and international company management on the collection of financial data and the improvement and optimization of processes and procedures.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Economic studies with a focus on accounting/consolidation/international accounting and/or commercial training with qualification as an accountant / in any case several years of professional experience
  • Starting salary: €60,000
  • Top salary: €110,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Accounting, Controller, Head of Finance, CFO

All that is right…

The legislator obliges companies to comply with strict requirements in accounting and accounting, as these form the basis for taxes and duties. Stakeholders expect transparency about a company’s financial situation in order to be able to make decisions about the quality of a group and about the opportunities and risks of their involvement. Group financial accountants are the guarantors that the collection and consolidation of all financial data is done with »law and order«. This task requires a secure command of HGB and IAS/IFRS and is associated with a lot of responsibility. The position of Group Financial Accountant therefore requires both highly demanding training and several years of professional experience.

Ensuring standards, complying with processes, ensuring data quality

A consolidated balance sheet is only correct if the underlying data of the subsidiaries is also recorded and processed correctly. What is still comparatively easy to control at domestic subsidiaries may cause headaches for Group Financial Accountants at foreign subsidiaries because, in addition to language difficulties, mental hurdles or country-specific perspectives and interpretations can also make the work more difficult. Group Financial Accountants must ensure, through instructions and controls, that data quality is maintained at all times. You need to find and fix bugs. In order to achieve the goal of a consistent and continuously legally secure database, you have to be convincing as a conversation and discussion partner.

Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence are changing the job profile

BI has long been a reality in accounting, and AI will increasingly take on control and steering tasks. Group Financial Accountants not only have to participate in this development – they are a part of it and will benefit from it; if they are not, they will have a hard time.

The Group Financial Accountant role will become more demanding and challenging; The legal environment is constantly changing, and the demands for transparency are constantly increasing. It is foreseeable that checking the numbers for correctness and logic will increasingly be done by BI and AI. As a result, the job profile of Group Financial Accountants will continue to move towards analysis, consulting, presentation and persuasion, and the importance of soft skills, as in many other areas, will continue to increase.


What does a Group Financial Accountant do?

  • Consolidation of the separate financial statements of the companies into the consolidated financial statements
  • Ensuring compliance with the legal requirements (HGB, IAS/IFRS) and the agreed accounting guidelines
  • Observation of the legal environment and implementation of the relevant changes
  • Exchange and consultation with the financial departments of subsidiaries in Germany and abroad
  • Communication with external consulting companies, authorities and stakeholders
  • Advising management on accounting issues
  • Contact person for financial accounting and controlling
  • Development of improvement suggestions for process flows
  • Taking on ad hoc and special tasks


How to become a Group Financial Accountant

Accountants need to have completed commercial training and can develop further through further training and experience to become a group financial accountant.

However, anyone who is planning a career in the international and/or corporate sector from the outset should complete an economics degree with a relevant focus – accounting, consolidation, international accounting – and gain practical experience in the accounting department of a company or in a WP or tax consultancy with an international orientation.


What does a Group Financial Accountant earn?

from 60.000€

up to €110,000

The salaries depend heavily on the size of the company/group, industry, number and locations (domestic/abroad) of the subsidiaries and area of ​​responsibility.


What do you expect from the Group Financial Accountant?

  • Numerical affinity and analytical skills
  • Robust knowledge of national and international accounting standards
  • Presentation and persuasion skills
  • Result-oriented way of thinking and working
  • contact ability
  • English fluent in spoken and written
  • Sound software knowledge (SAP SEM-BCS, FI/CO, MS Office, especially Excel)


Opportunities for advancement as Group Financial Accountant

Many Group Financial Accountants started their careers as Junior Accountants or Junior Group Accountants with the firm intention of later advancing to the position of Controller in the company or group.

As controllers, they have a larger area of ​​responsibility with more responsibility and usually a higher salary.

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