Police Departments Jobs in Washington DC

By | February 1, 2023

Job Description Rollout Technician

The rollout technician is responsible for backups and data security. To do this, he installs and configures clients and thus prevents data loss.

A rollout technician is responsible for data protection and backups in the IT department. In addition to this task, he is also responsible for the installation and configuration of clients. In his everyday work, the rollout technician deals with software applications and hardware components. Here, for example, he is responsible for ensuring that old hardware is properly disposed of.

The job and typical tasks of a rollout technician include

If old hardware is replaced with new devices, the rollout technician takes care of the wiring and installation of new devices. The rollout technician often gives the user comprehensive instructions on how to use and operate the devices.

The rollout technician has experience with different technical components and in the rollout area. He is also familiar with the structure of different operating systems. Employers also demand flexibility, teamwork and commitment. Training in the field of computer science is often required.

Washington, D.C . – Metro Police Department Employment

Research the recruitment procedures of this law enforcement agency, and view job listings. Submit an application.

Website: http://www.mpdc.org/English/Recruiting/PoliceOfficer.htm

Washington, D.C. – George Washington University Police

Chart exhibits job title, department of the position, requisition number and post date for security and police vacancies.

Website: http://www.gwu.edu/cgi-bin/hrs/vacancies.pl?CODE=7