Rhode Island Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Head of Treasury

As head of treasury, you lead the treasury team in a company, organization or group of companies, which is responsible for securing and improving the company’s ability to act financially. The range of tasks is diverse and responsible, his specialty is investments, risk management and financial strategies. As head, he usually has personnel responsibility and reports directly to the board of directors or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Typical tasks of a Head of Treasury

The tasks of the Head of Treasury can be categorized into six areas, with a focus area being possible. These areas are capital markets and finance, liquidity management, corporate treasury management, risk management, fiscal operations and team leadership.

Together with his team, the Head of Treasury is responsible for the following aspects: He ensures that the company or organization has the necessary financial resources to be able to act effectively. The ability to plan strategically is a key qualification. The head of treasury always keeps track of the financial markets and their impact on how products and services are valued. Through precise analysis and accurate assessments, the Head of Treasury is able to forecast all financial challenges. These forecasts are of essential importance for the Management Board and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in order to be able to react adequately.

His tasks and those of his team include constant contact with banks and financial institutions in order to negotiate credit and overdraft conditions, if necessary. Close cooperation with the other departments of the company that deal with finances is a matter of course. He and his team advise and support employees in all financial matters that affect the company as a whole, e.g. B. in the case of reorganizations and start-ups.

The Head of Treasury ensures regular reporting to the Management Board and assumes an advisory function. As a leader, he also has managerial responsibilities. This includes the recruiting of new employees as well as the selection of further training measures.

For the position of Head of Treasury, a business degree with a focus on finance or accounting or a comparable commercial education with appropriate further training is usually required. He should have managerial experience and solid practical experience in the field of corporate finance.

HOPE Center for Cancer Support

Provide support to people with cancer and their families. Opportunities include administrative, clerical, fundraising, and counselling work.

Website: http://www.hopecenter.net/vol.htm

Nature Conservancy, The

Donate some time to this environmental organization. Monitor trails, perform clerical support tasks, do research, or engage in outdoor workdays.

Website: http://tncnt.tnc.org:70/newstory/FMPro?-db=article3.fp3&-for…

Rhode Island Blood Center

For volunteering information, contact this center in Providence which collects, processes and distributes all blood used in the state of RI.

Website: http://www.ribc.org/

Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Food bank needs volunteers to meet the growing demands of supplying food to families in need. Jobs include inspecting and sorting donated food.

Website: http://rifoodbank.org/

Shriners of Rhode Island

Membership information is provided for this fraternal organization that provides health care and hospitalization to needy children.

Website: http://members.aol.com/rishriners/

Volunteer Lawyer Program

Rhode Island Bar association offers this program, assisted by volunteer lawyers, to low-income individuals needing legal assistance.

Website: http://www.ribar.com/pamphlets/volunteer.htm

Washington County Literacy

Branch of the Literacy Volunteers of America recruits volunteers to tutor people in basic literacy. Training and sign-up information is covered.

Website: http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Swearer_Center/Literacy_Res…