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By | February 1, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect job in the state of Nebraska? The website URLs of top recruiters and job directories are just for you. Simply review the following job index and click on the link of your interest to find your job in Nebraska.

Job Description Business Manager

The business manager is responsible for overseeing all departments within a company and ensuring that they are aligned with the company’s objectives. In large companies, the business manager reports directly to the board of directors, while in smaller companies he often makes all decisions himself and reports to the management. As a manager, he usually bears responsibility for personnel.

Typical tasks of a business manager

The Business Manager monitors the day-to-day processes in large as well as small and medium-sized companies. In the former, he typically heads a single department, e.g. B. Marketing or Sales with several employees. In the latter, he may be solely responsible for all tasks within a department, or he may be responsible for all departments himself. He oversees the staff, hires, trains and evaluates new employees.

He ensures that the company or a department meets the financial target. The business manager is often responsible for budgeting and, where appropriate, reporting to the board of directors. He ensures that the work of the individual departments complies with company requirements and takes care of the necessary resources.

The business manager assesses a department’s performance against the company’s specific objectives. He motivates and corrects his employees and keeps an eye on their opportunities for advancement.

For a business manager position, most employers require at least a bachelor’s degree in business management. Business managers need excellent verbal and written communication skills to manage employees and manage departments.

Managers are problem solvers. They find solutions to difficulties that prevent a company or department from achieving the set goals.

Daily Nebraskan

Simple list of ads, updated daily and broken down into several categories.


Grand Island Independent

Search through the automotive and real estate sections, or go to other classifieds and use the frames to browse easily through ads in many areas.


Independence Consulting

Based in Omaha, Neb. ICI offers recruiting, job placement and consulting services. Review contact information and find a list of open positions.



Acts as a link between Lincoln metropolitan area employers and job seekers. Search current openings and access company profiles and career help.


Lincoln Journal-Star

Easily searchable classifieds are extensive, and updated daily. Ads can be submitted via the site.


Nebraska Career Resources

Career Resource Center’s directory of links to career help, including classifieds, governments, employers, and information services.


Nebraska Dept. of Labor

Learn about employee training, safety standards, and welfare-to-work programs. Link to America’s job bank and the labor information center.



Job, resume, and internship posting service provided by the Applied Information Management Institute and Chamber of Commerce.


Nebraska’s Job Bank

Department of Labor’s database of jobs for the state of Nebraska. Post a resume or search for employment by keyword or occupation.


Norfolk Daily News

Divided page makes searching easy. View the ads in the selected category, or scroll down the list to find a good deal.


Summer Jobs Nebraska

Database of seasonal and part-time opportunities for students and education professionals. Listings include job desciption and contact details.


York, Nebraska Classifieds

Regularly updated classifieds for merchandise, real estate, services, and employment. Also includes a personals section and farmers market.