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By | February 1, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect job in the state of New Hampshire? The website URLs of top recruiters and job directories are just for you. Simply review the following job index and click on the link of your interest to find your job in New Hampshire. If you are living outside of New Hampshire, and would like to learn more about the Alabama, you can visit to see demographics and hospitals information of each city located in New Hampshire.

  • Citypopulationreview: Introduction to the state of New Hampshire, including brief history, state facts and state symbols – flag, bird, animal, flower, song, gemstone, etc.
  • Basic outline of the state New Hampshire. Covers location, geography, state history and largest counties within New Hampshire.

Job Description Business Analyst

The business analyst can serve as a mediator and interpreter between the specialist department and the IT team of any type of company. He must be able to formulate and analyze the requirements of the departments in such a way that the technical staff understands them and, if technically feasible, can implement them in IT systems as desired.

The business analyst profession is now gaining popularity. This is evident from the growing number of members of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

The following certificates are available for business analysts: the CCBA® (Certification of Competency in Business Analysis), which is aimed at people who have already acquired essential skills in business analysis, and the title CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional), for experienced business analysts can obtain. One of the differences between the certifications is the number of hours of practical experience completed: a minimum of 3,750 hours in business analysis must be demonstrated for CCBA® and a minimum of 7,500 hours for CBAP®.

Typical tasks of a business analyst

A business analyst’s area of ​​responsibility is diverse: He ensures transparency with regard to the development of margins, sales and earnings of various sales and marketing channels and campaigns. The business analyst examines a variety of data from web analysis, customer behavior, marketing and sales, margins and costs, filters the information and presents it in an understandable form. In doing so, he has to prepare standardized and individual reports and thus deliver important control information to the departments. This should provide significant support for decision-making.

The area of ​​responsibility of a business analyst also includes: the analysis, conception and implementation of process optimization, the analysis of sales and marketing campaigns and marketing tests with regard to customer structure and sales and margin development, as well as the detection of changes and interrelationships of margins and sales.

Jobs In New Hampshire

Meet employers and recruiters throughout New Hampshire and find career opportunities throughout the North East. Post a resume.


Keene Sentinel Classified Ads

Good selection of categories indicating how many ads each contains, makes browsing straightforward. Great selection of flea markets and fairs.


Milford Cabinet

Scroll down the pages of listed ads, or search the classified database with keywords for a faster and more specific result.


Mount Washington Valley

Regional guide hosted by Conway Daily Sun presents comprehensive listings for lodging, dining, real estate, shopping, services, and recreation.


New Hampshire Career Resources

Career Resource Center’s directory of links to career help, including classifieds, governments, employers, and information services.


New Hampshire Department of Employment Security

State government links to the employment security agency and database, Job Training Council and occupational health and safety resources.


New Hampshire Dept. of Labor

Read about the school-to-work program, workers’ compensation, and the wage and hour division. Find details on safety regulations and inspections.


New Hampshire State Library Job Resources

List of Internet sites for finding a job or employment guides, both nationally and around the state.


New Hampshire Works

State department of employment security’s online bulletin board system. Provides labor market and employment news to employers and workers.


New Hampshire Works

Browse jobs by category or geographic area, post a resume and submit an application form online.


Summer Jobs New Hampshire

Database of seasonal and part-time opportunities for students and education professionals. Listings include job desciption and contact details.


Union Leader – Employment Classifieds

Service of The Union Leader and the New Hampshire Sunday News lists recent and archived job opportunities. Search by title or experience level.