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By | February 1, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect job in the state of Rhode Island? The website URLs of top recruiters and job directories are just for you. Simply review the following job index and click on the link of your interest to find your job in Rhode Island. If you are living outside of Rhode Island, and would like to learn more about the Alabama, you can visit to see demographics and hospitals information of each city located in Rhode Island.

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What is a tax advisor?

A tax advisor supports his client – regardless of whether it is an individual, a small company or an international group – in solving his tax problems. One focus of his work is the preparation of tax returns for the relevant tax types.

It is desirable to involve the tax advisor in all plans (including private ones) before tax-sensitive economic decisions are made. In this way, he can identify tax consequences in good time and develop a feeling for the funding and subsidy options available to the client.

The aim is always to keep the client’s tax burden as low as possible and to exhaust all tax planning options. The tax advisor can be involved in the preparation of the decision or participate in the decision itself.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: University degree or vocational training (e.g. as a tax clerk)
  • Starting salary: €66,000
  • Top salary: €140,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Partner, head of the tax department


What does a tax advisor do?

  • Review or preparation of complex tax returns and tax balance sheets
  • Advising clients on tax matters
  • Representation and assistance in the processing of tax matters and the fulfillment of tax obligations – in particular the accounting tasks of clients
  • Exploitation of tax planning opportunities
  • Representation in criminal tax matters
  • Advising companies/clients on all tax issues, in particular ongoing tax advice
  • Support and supervision of tax audits
  • Preparation of reports and opinions
  • professional guidance of tax assistants


How do you become a tax advisor?

A prerequisite for working as a tax consultant is the successful completion of the tax consultant examination and the appointment as a tax consultant by the Chamber of Tax Consultants. Anyone who meets the requirements for admission to the examination contained in the Tax Advisory Act is admitted to the nationwide uniform tax advisor examination.

A university degree or professional training (e.g. as a tax clerk ) is essential for admission to the tax consultant exam. In both ways, the uniform examination requires proof of several years of practical experience in the field of taxes administered by the federal or state tax authorities.

Depending on the type of previous training, the practical work experience is at least two and up to ten years. The exam is very demanding; According to the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors, only about 50 percent of the candidates pass the exam.


What does a tax advisor earn?

from 66.000€

up to €140,000

The expenditure of time and money on the way to becoming a certified tax consultant is worth it: Tax consultants earn between € 66,000 and €140,000 annually . As an interim manager, tax consultants can calculate daily rates ranging from € 500 to €850.


What do you expect from a tax advisor?

The special importance and trust position of the profession of tax consultants is underlined by the professional law. Important elements are the principles of independence, personal responsibility, conscientiousness and confidentiality – a tax consultant should also be able to represent these principles with his personality in accordance with his position.

Furthermore, a tax consultant must demonstrate a consistently high willingness to learn: The large number of tax regulations makes it essential that tax consultants are obliged to undergo regular further training – and this for a lifetime.

Since the consulting activity in the client relationship plays a major role, the tax consultant must be able to listen well and communicate clearly and understandably. He should also be able to give unselfish and independent advice to a client and, above all, be independent – financially and personally.


Opportunities for advancement as a tax consultant

The technical expertise of tax consultants is in demand and there are various development opportunities – as employees, self-employed or as freelance interim managers.

Vertical: A tax consultant employed by a consulting firm or law firm can be promoted to partner. If a tax consultant is employed in the tax department of a company, the management of the tax department (so-called syndic tax consultant) offers a corresponding career opportunity.

Horizontal: Self-employed tax consultants in particular can specialize in the specific tax issues of certain economic sectors (craft, industry, etc.) or professional groups (freelancers). – Providence, Rhode Island Job Search

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