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By | February 1, 2023

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Job Description Treasury Analyst

The treasury analyst is tasked with raising, managing and enhancing financial resources within a company or organization. He develops and oversees the company’s financial policies and supports the treasury team in managing complex financial transactions. The Treasury Analyst position is usually an entry-level position.

Typical tasks of a Treasury Analyst

The tasks of a treasury analyst include supporting complex financial processes in a company. For example, when managing market price risks, when using new treasury systems and also in test processes by internal auditing or at the end of the year. Together with the treasury team, the treasury analyst is responsible for five areas: liquidity and risk management, financing, capital markets, group financial management and relevant fiscal processes. In addition, he is familiar with the account management of his company and with the so-called treasury management systems. The treasury analyst and his team support the international treasury and cash management. He is responsible for the central liquidity management and the monitoring of payment flows as well as for processing payment transactions. Monthly forecasts, target/actual analyzes and liquidity planning are also part of his range of tasks. The treasury analyst knows the requirements of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and can apply the latter independently. He also focuses on managing banking and investor relationships, financial planning and raising capital.

The treasury analyst and his team ensure that financial processes and the international treasury management system run smoothly within the company and in all companies of the group. He acts at the interface between accounting, controlling and other financially relevant areas.

A degree in business administration with a focus on finance is usually required for the position of treasury analyst. You should also have some professional experience in the area of ​​controlling/treasury or, alternatively, an internship in this area. His knowledge includes cost, performance and investment calculations, calculation processes and the safe handling of common IT systems.

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