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By | February 1, 2023

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What is a tax assistant?

In job advertisements, the term ‘tax assistant’ is usually used synonymously with a number of other terms such as ‘tax clerk’, ‘tax specialist’, ‘ tax consultant assistant ‘ or ‘audit assistant’. But the terms ‘tax assistant’ or ‘assistant tax manager’ can also be found – and by no means only in job offers from international companies. And sometimes tax assistants are simply wanted as ’employees in the tax department’.

Behind the variety of designations – we use ‘tax assistant’ here to represent all others – there is a largely identical job profile when the required knowledge and skills are examined more closely. This applies at least to career starters, even if additional training focuses or specific experience or (industry) knowledge are required and in small and medium-sized companies ‘tax assistants’ have a wide range of tasks, while in other, mostly larger companies with a special area, such as M&A, are already fully utilized.

The entry into professional life as a tax assistant serves the first or further imparting and application of knowledge and skills learned from studies, internships and/or initial professional practice. Tax assistants mainly work for freelance tax consultants or in consulting firms, but they also work directly in the tax and financial areas of companies. You will help with declaration advice (preparation of annual financial statements, income surplus calculations, tax returns), accompany tax audits, check tax assessments and prepare financial accounting.

Depending on their level of knowledge, training and experience, they independently take on demanding individual tasks or work for a tax consultant or tax manager by conducting research, professionally preparing and analyzing data and drawing initial conclusions and proposing measures. This then increasingly requires the use of business knowledge. They advise and support their department internally or their clients externally on all questions of tax law, take on various tasks in the tax area for them – and thus grow into responsible management tasks.

Early specialization is possible

By working with experienced experts, tax assistants often acquire specialist knowledge early on that will shape their future career. These include, for example

  • tax advice on M&A projects (reorganizations, company acquisitions and sales, due diligence)
  • Considerations for the optimal choice of location
  • Improvement and optimization of company and group structures
  • International billing methods
  • Conception of employee participation models
  • Introduction of tax compliance management systems and others

Getting started sets the course

  • Anyone who begins their career in a smaller general tax consulting practice gathers correspondingly ‘general’, broad-based knowledge and can later still consider whether specialization makes sense.
  • Tax assistants who join a company already show a certain affinity to the industry – a specialization that should benefit them further on in their careers.
  • Anyone who goes to one of the larger or large consulting firms often starts in a department with a specific focus (health, automotive, etc.).
  • And anyone who decides to start out in a highly specialized ’boutique’ – mostly M&A – does so with the aim of becoming a full professional in a very special segment.

Entry after graduation or as a ‘practitioner’?

An estimated 60% of tax assistants today precede the aspired tax consultant exam by studying economics or law, and around 40% of tax assistants have professional experience in companies or tax offices. If you follow the job advertisements, the demand for ‘students’ seems to be increasing, particularly in consulting firms.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Vocational training as a tax clerk, possibly qualification as a tax specialist or accountant; increasingly studying economics with a focus on taxes or finance, internships and professional experience
  • Starting salary: €32,000
  • Top salary: €60,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Self-employed tax consultant, partner in tax consulting practice, team leader / partner in consulting companies


What does a tax assistant do?

declaration advice

  • Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements according to IFRS and HGB
  • Conducting audit reviews
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of tax returns

design advice

  • Participation in complex issues and special consulting assignments, e.g. B.
  • due diligence
  • Transformation and restructuring of companies
  • VAT advice
  • tax planning
  • cross-border issues
  • corporate finance
  • employee postings


How to become a tax assistant

The position of tax assistant is the gateway to a career in the tax and finance sector. A completed training as a tax clerk and several years of professional experience are basic requirements. Additional training such as further training to become a tax specialist or a qualification as an accountant makes sense and is sometimes expected.

Increasingly, a degree from a university or a technical college with a specific focus such as accounting, taxes, auditing or finance is required, also combined with internships or initial work experience.

The professional handling of various data acquisition and processing systems is a must in view of the high degree of automation and the high level of IT implementation in the ‘tax world’.

Good knowledge of English is taken for granted.


What does a tax assistant earn?

from 32.000€

up to €60,000

Since the “prototypical” tax assistant does not exist, it is more than difficult to make statements about the starting or top salary – the specifics that a candidate brings with him or the requirements placed on candidates are too different for that. However, it can be said that there are significant differences between the cities in terms of average annual salaries – they vary by ± €16,000 to €18,000. Except in Berlin, the top salaries are over €50,000, the lower limit is between €32,000 and €36,000. In Munich and Stuttgart, tax assistants even achieve average salaries of this magnitude; the top salaries there reach around €60,000.


What do you expect from the tax assistant?

Sound knowledge of tax law and a basic understanding of economic relationships are the tools of the trade for tax assistants. In addition, it is obvious that they are expected to be precise and have a high affinity for numbers, which is also reflected in error-free documents and clear expression – preferably also in fluent English.

The increasing automation of tax and reporting has relieved the finance departments of many classic (arithmetic) tasks on the one hand, but on the other hand has led to the fact that the demands on tax assistants, among others, have increasingly shifted in the direction of analysis and control. The growing complexity of tax legislation and the increasing requirements, for example from the authorities, in terms of transparency and traceability of processes have also contributed to this.

As the term ‘assistant’ already suggests, this professional phase is usually an intermediate step or the start of a career that can be pursued in a wide variety of ways and with a wide range of career ideas (see also ‘Professional Profile’).

Employers like to take advantage of this career awareness and then benefit from solution-oriented thinking, goal-oriented action and a high level of motivation, which, however, must be coupled with the ability to work in a team, because tax assistants have to communicate well with both employees and management.


Opportunities for advancement as tax assistant

Tax assistants have a wide range of development opportunities in tax consulting and in the specialist departments of consulting firms.

In addition to the ‘traditional’ tasks of advising on declarations and design, there are numerous areas that require a high degree of specialization and a great deal of experience, but are then also extremely lucrative. A good example are due diligence checks in the context of M&A.

In general, special knowledge is often advantageous – topics such as increasing automation and data misuse or industries ‘on the move’ such as banks, automotive or media always need specialist knowledge to accompany the change.

Depending on individual life planning, the spectrum ranges from self-employed tax consultants to managers at the highest management level.

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