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By | February 1, 2023

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What is a Senior Treasurer?

The profession of Senior Treasurer is relatively new and has largely emerged as a result of globalization and digitization, which have made the activities and financial relationships of companies more diverse and complex. At the same time, the senior treasurer could hardly carry out his work without digital technologies, without easy and fast communication and without developments such as electronic banking.

Senior treasurers are usually only found in larger companies and corporations that have several subsidiaries and thus deal with different currencies, countries and financial partners.

Market expert with great responsibility

Senior treasurers have a great deal of responsibility because in many cases they save the company money — or not. The decisions a senior treasurer makes directly affect the bottom line of the business. A senior treasurer is largely responsible for the cash and liquidity management as well as for the financing of a company. Depending on the corporate structure, the tasks may also include related topics from the areas of taxes or IT.

A treasurer must closely monitor the market for financial, economic and political developments. Euro developments, Brexit, the Greek crisis, negative interest rates, Basel I – IV and even the Ukraine crisis, Fed meetings, the development of the economic situation in other countries: the list of relevant topics for the senior treasurer is almost endless.

FinTechs are a current development that senior treasurers are following with excitement. If these providers increasingly assert themselves on the market, not only would the people they talk to change, but presumably the conditions for financial services as well.

The following examples illustrate what senior treasurers actually do in their day-to-day work:


If a company needs money, there are various options: In addition to taking out a classic bank loan, there is, for example, the sale of receivables. A senior treasurer analyzes the situation, makes a recommendation for management and accompanies the subsequent process. In the case of a sale of receivables, for example, he answers the questions of the banks in personal discussions (what kind of receivables are they? In which countries are the customers based? etc.), checks the contracts and makes a qualitative selection of the partners.

working capital management

How are the receivables of the subsidiaries developing? There are regular statistics on overdue payments and monthly follow-up calls with those responsible for finance in the subsidiaries or areas, in which the reasons for the delay in payment are explained and further action is discussed.

Treasury IT projects

What is the average outstanding debt (working capital) of our company? In this regard, a senior treasurer reported that he had an existing system in his company reprogrammed so that it could make the necessary calculations and provide statistics on it.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in economics, finance and accounting, banking or similar; alternatively: completed training with subsequent (possibly extra-occupational) additional qualification
  • Starting salary: €70,000
  • Top salary: €100,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Treasury, Head of Finance


What does a Senior Treasurer do?

  • Implementation of the company’s treasury strategy (cash management, banking, financing, cash pooling, cash flow analysis, interest rate and currency management)
  • Management, planning and monitoring of liquidity
  • Group-wide internal contact for cash and liquidity management
  • responsible for the monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements of the Treasury department
  • Independent implementation and monitoring of payment transactions
  • if necessary, support for intercompany financial relationships
  • organizational structures (bank details, account concentration, bank clearing, electronic banking)
  • Possibly letters of credit, guarantees (rather rare in treasury, but also possible because of the financial task)
  • If necessary, independent management and implementation of treasury IT projects
  • if necessary, management of a team of specialists


How does one become a Senior Treasurer?

In addition, companies typically have the following expectations of senior treasurers:

  • Completed studies in economics, finance and accounting, banking or similar; alternatively: completed training with subsequent (possibly extra-occupational) additional qualification
  • at least five to eight years of relevant work experience
  • solid knowledge of MS Office
  • Very good to business fluent German and English language skills


What does a Senior Treasurer earn?

from 70.000€

up to €100,000

Depending on the corporate structure and culture, the gross annual salary of a senior treasurer is between € 70,000 and €100,000. The range is so large because the area of ​​responsibility of the treasury department in general and that of the senior treasurer in particular are not defined uniformly in the company, but are structured very differently. The larger the area of ​​responsibility, the higher the salary. In addition, there are other important factors for the amount of the salary: On the one hand, senior treasurers can expand their specialist knowledge in certain areas — for example in the increasingly important technical topics. On the other hand, their work often has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. So if you save the company a lot of money, these are good arguments in the next salary interview with your manager.

Experts assume that treasury will become even more the focus of companies and will cover more areas of responsibility in the future. Against this background, it is to be expected that the salary level in the Treasury department will continue to rise in the future.


What do you expect from the senior treasurer?

Senior treasurers are perfectionists: They analyze situations down to the smallest detail and work with maximum precision. At the same time, they must be very resilient. Because despite the precise way of working, the tasks often have to be completed under time pressure, since they usually have a direct impact on the business (sales). On the one hand, senior treasurers not only have to work in a structured and independent manner, but also have to be able to work in a team and be communicative. Depending on the corporate structure, they report directly to management or at least support the head of treasury. They may also lead a team of technical specialists.

A high level of technical understanding and interest is becoming increasingly important for senior treasurers. Because they deal with various IT systems and banking portals in their everyday work and are increasingly using special programs to analyze facts.


Opportunities for advancement as Senior Treasurer

If a senior treasurer does not lead a team of specialists anyway, he can develop into a team leader or head of treasury. The position of head of finance is also quite realistic for a senior treasurer. In addition, side steps into other financial departments of a company are also possible. Because the senior treasurer comes into contact with many different topics.

The way to the top – for example to CFO – is not impossible for senior treasurers, but rather rare. In return, good specialists probably do not have to worry about finding a new job in the long term. After all, qualified specialists are few and far between in treasury and are therefore in demand.

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