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By | February 1, 2023

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What is a Senior Accountant?

Senior accountants are experienced bookkeepers with in-depth knowledge of HGB and accounting who are responsible for the factually correct and tax-related monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements of a company and its affiliated subsidiaries or a group.

Senior accountants summarize accounting-relevant business transactions in their reports to management, comment on tax aspects and control payment transactions – they are therefore also jointly responsible for liquidity management.

You are in close contact with the management and other departments of the company, especially controlling, with auditors, tax consultants and banks as well as with external service providers who support the company in the course of outsourcing measures.

In demand: experience in accompanying continuous change

There are few departments in a company that are more suitable than accounting for ongoing process improvements, because automation and, even more so, progressive digitization have made many manual activities obsolete. Outsourcing has contributed to the fact that routine work is increasingly being carried out by external service providers in the home office using »virtual assistants«.

Instead of bookkeeping and accounting, the terms »accounting« and »finance« are now mostly used. This not only testifies to increasing internationalization, but is also an expression of a change that has taken place and is still taking place in these departments. In particular, it is a shift from a static view to a dynamic interpretation: Accompanying this change is an essential part of the work that senior accountants must do today.

However, this dynamic in the internal processes must be within existing and also changing legal requirements and regulations. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the current legal provisions such as HGB and, if applicable, IFRS, this also requires experience in the implementation and improvement of processes: progress must be managed. This is now an essential part of the job description of a senior accountant (and thus part of the “change management” that affects the entire company).

What is proven, what is just usual, what is really better?

Innovations are fuel for the economy, but the tried and tested does not have to be abolished just because there is something new. This is especially true in accounting, because every change is risky. Senior accountants must be able to distinguish between “new for the sake of new” and “new and better”; In addition to the costs of process changes, they must also keep an eye on the consequences for the system and the employees involved. More than ever, senior accountants therefore need not only the classic specialist knowledge, but also an understanding of systems and processes and, increasingly, soft skills such as teamwork and communication skills in order to appropriately present the “products” of their department and their suggestions for improvement.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training with further training to become an (international) accountant or economics studies with a focus on finance/accounting or a comparable qualification
  • Starting salary: €42,500
  • Top salary: over €100,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Via an expanded range of tasks and via controlling in financial management


What does a senior accountant do?

  • Creation (and continuous improvement) of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to HGB for the company and its individual companies and, if necessary, the group
  • Processing of accounting and tax issues, business transactions and facts
  • Ensuring correct national and international VAT returns
  • Taking on project responsibility to improve the collection, processing and use of accounting information
  • Budget monitoring and participation in budget preparation and forecasts
  • Contact person for auditors, tax consultants and authorities
  • Function as an interface between related departments, especially controlling, and within affiliated companies


How to become a senior accountant

  • Commercial training with qualification as an (international) accountant or economics studies with a focus on finance/accounting
  • Many years of professional experience


What does a Senior Accountant earn?

from €42,500

up to €60,000

The salary range varies greatly and is influenced by the industry, location, size, structure, internationality of the company and, of course, by the scope of tasks and experience – six-figure salaries are also paid for top positions.

The daily rates of external senior consultants have also increased significantly in recent years to between €550 and €800.


What do you expect from a Senior Accountant?

  • Several years of professional experience in accounting, in-depth accounting knowledge and financial security according to HGB, possibly also IFRS
  • Experience in dealing with MS Office, especially Excel, and with ERP systems such as SAP (FI/CO, MM)
  • Experience in internal project management and with external service providers
  • Decision-making and implementation competence
  • Very good teamwork and communication skills combined with the ability to motivate
  • assertiveness
  • Business fluent English


Opportunities for advancement as Senior Accountant

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and comprehensive insight into almost all areas of a company, senior accountants have a good chance of switching from accounting to controlling and, on this path – assuming they have leadership qualities – advance to management.

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