South Carolina Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Head of Taxes

The head of taxes plans and monitors all tax matters in a company or organization. He assumes an advisory function for the Management Board and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for all questions relating to tax law. As manager, he is responsible for the tax department and usually assumes responsibility for personnel.

Typical duties of a manager Control

The Head of Tax is primarily concerned with ensuring that a company or organization complies with the tax-related legal regulations. Together with his team, he ensures that internal processes and matters are optimally structured for tax purposes.

Therefore, he and his employees are very familiar with the tax law.
The head of taxes is responsible for ensuring that all tax returns, tax balance sheets and tax assessments are correct and that no mistakes have been made during their preparation.
The correct execution of tax payments by his team, e.g. B. by the specialists taxes is monitored by him.
Due to his accuracy and experience, he immediately notices irregularities and discrepancies, which are then reliably passed on to the appropriate department.

His area of ​​responsibility not only includes monitoring, but also the development and implementation of new control strategies. With his know-how and expertise, the Head of Taxes advises and supports the Executive Board in restructuring. He provides tax support for company acquisitions and start-ups.

Within a company, the head of taxes is the specialist and contact person for all tax questions and concerns that arise.
As manager, he bears a lot of responsibility, often also for his own staff. This includes the recruitment and monitoring of new employees, but also the organization and promotion within his team.

A legal or business degree with a focus on tax law is usually required for a position as head of taxes. An alternative to this is usually commercial training to become a tax clerk with further training to become a tax specialist.
Several years of professional and managerial experience in the field of taxes and tax law are required for this responsible position.

American Cancer Society, Charleston

Join the battle to end the suffering caused by cancer through service education and advocacy. Contact information is available.


Carolina Children’s Charity

Join in support of local efforts to prevent and ameliorate the effects of birth defects and disabling childhood diseases. Check events postings.


Community Health Partners

Become a member of this group and volunteer as an advocate, educator, or health counselor. More opportunities and application are available.


Congaree Girl Scout Council

Sign up to assist the local chapter as a troop leader, a program consultant, a recruiter, or an administrative volunteer.


Crossroads Group Home for Girls

Volunteer at this Greenville home for adolescent females who have experienced childhood physical, sexual or emotional abuse.


Do Something

Listing of various nonprofit community organizations provides contact information, and brief descriptions of the services they provide.


Greenville Historical Society

Find out about opportunities to participate in the documentation and preservation of this county’s history.


Hands On Greenville

Choose from a monthly calendar of projects each month, ranging from tutoring children to serving at a soup kitchen, to working at the food bank.



Offer supportive listening and suicide intervention to callers in crisis in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. Application attached.


John Acrum SPCA – Volunteer

Help bathe, groom, or place animals. Follow the link home to find out more about this Charleston, South Carolina animal shelter.


John Ancrum SPCA

Sign up for a volunteer orientation session and become a part of this Charleston society. See the link to the local animal shelter.


Meals on Wheels of Greenville

Prepare or deliver hot meals to the homes of frail, elderly, or otherwise physically incapacitated persons. Administrative help also needed.


Prevention of Teen Pregnancy

Help this Greenville council’s efforts to reduce the number of teen pregnancies. Looking for public speakers, office helpers, and fund raisers.