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State Structure and Political System of Argentina

According to topschoolsintheusa, Argentina is a federal republic. The country has a Constitution of 1853. It has been repeatedly amended. The latter were introduced in 1994. Argentina includes 23 provinces and the federal capital district of the provinces: Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Catamarca, Cordoba, Corrientes, La Plata, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquen, Tierra del Fuego, Rio… Read More »

Argentina Cinema

A modest documentary activity develops following the first projections of the Cinematografo Lumière, which took place in Buenos Aires in July 1896. In 1908 the first feature film, El fusilamiento de Dorrego by the Italian M. Gallo, was released, which paved the way for the series of historical reconstructions. With Nobleza gaucha (1915), a great success of the 1910s,… Read More »

Argentina Encyclopedia for Kids

Argentina Between hopes and disappointments A country of great potential, Argentina was hit by a very serious crisis at the beginning of the century; for decades, however, the economic situation was precarious, due to the ups and downs of the international market for agricultural and food products and the unstable political events. Argentina is a… Read More »

Working and Living in Argentina

About 87% of the population live in cities. Around 16 million people currently live in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires alone. Around three million each live in the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe. The rest of the country is rather sparsely populated. The only official language is Spanish, although Argentine Spanish differs in… Read More »