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About Bulgaria

The official name is the Republic of Bulgaria. One of the most accessible countries for recreation for Russians. Throughout history, Bulgaria has been and remains a friendly country to Russia, so compatriots feel quite comfortable there. Due to the fact that the Bulgarian language is part of the Slavic group, communication between the local population… Read More »

Bulgaria Transport and Communications

Although it is a mountainous country, Bulgaria does not present natural difficulties in the internal communication routes. The Balkans and the Srednja Gora, passable in several points, were ab antiquo crossed by roads, with which the Romans left here too a reminder of their greatness. But at the time of the liberation the roads, apart… Read More »

Sofia, Bulgaria

According to abbreviationfinder, Sofia is one of the oldest cities and the capital of Bulgaria, the last unknown land in Europe and one of the most enigmatic countries in the East. Located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain and due to its strategic location between the Asia-Europe crossroads, Sofia was inhabited by different nations throughout the… Read More »

How to Get to Bulgaria

Airplane: the national Bulgarian airline is Air Bulgaria (FB). It was founded in 2002 andfliesfrom Sofia Airport. Other airlines that offer direct flights to and from Bulgaria are, for example, the Russian Aeroflot (SU) from Moscow, Air France (AF) from Paris, and Alitalia (AZ) fromRome, Austrian Airlines (OS) from Vienna and British Airways (BA) from… Read More »