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Human Rights Part I

The idea of ​​the rights of the individual and the need to limit the power and abuse of power of the ruler and the rulers is not entirely new. It has grown over several hundred years, but has especially gained momentum in the sails after 1945 – not least the last two to three decades.… Read More »

Chile Geography

As an Unitary Republic on the basis of the Constitution which entered into force in March 1981 (subsequently modified with the referendum of 30 July 1989), Chile is a presidential democratic Republic. Executive power is exercised by the President of the Republic, elected every 6 years by direct universal suffrage. Legislative power is entrusted to… Read More »

Chile Industry and Tourism

ECONOMY: INDUSTRY AND MINERAL RESOURCES The secondary sector, even if diversified, is not sufficiently competitive: it participates for a third in the formation of GDP and employs just over a fifth of the workforce. The regional differences in the industrial distribution are notable; the economic monopoly is maintained by the area around the capital, Santiago,… Read More »

Chile History: Governments From Balmaceda to Allende

(República de Chile). State of South America (756,096 km²). Capital: Santiago (administrative capital), Valparaíso (legislative capital). Administrative division: regions (13). Population: 17.819.054 residents (2014 estimate). Language: Spanish (official), Amerindian languages. Religion: Catholics 70%, Protestants 15.1%, non-religious / atheists 8.3%, others 6.6%. Currency unit: Chilean peso (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.822 (41st place). Borders: Peru… Read More »

Chile History: From The Pinochet Regime to The Return of Democracy

On 11 September of the same year, with a military coup (in which Allende himself died) all democratic freedoms were suppressed, the Chamber and the Senate dissolved, all party activities suspended and harsh repression against representatives was implemented and followers of Unidad Popular. Political power was entirely concentrated in the hands of a military junta… Read More »

Chile Culture and Traditions

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION The characteristic aspects that distinguish Chile from the rest of the Latin American countries in cultural terms are linked to the presence of a sort of folkloric and artistic “label”, the chilenidad, which has become a symbol of identity and cultural difference, although also based on elements of exogenous origin, introduced by… Read More »

Chile Literature

The long and ferocious war of conquest against the indomitable Araucanians and the impressions of local life represent the two themes of literary activity in the Chilean colonial centuries. A remote colony dependent on the Viceroy of Peru, as a country located in South America according to medicinelearners, Chile receives from Lima, more than from… Read More »

Chile Arts and Music

CULTURE: ART In the valleys of northern Chile, a necropolis and a fortress (impregnable on three sides) have been discovered which are linked to the “El Molle” culture, characterized by a type of thick ceramic and brightly decorated in a geometric style. In the oases of the Atacama Desert, the Atacameños built urban centers of… Read More »

Chile Theater and Cinema

CULTURE: THEATER The ballet arrived in Chile, like the opera, only in the nineteenth century, with performances by foreign companies and ensembles. A national production, albeit of little importance, and dance schools have sprung up in the present century; after 1940 the first companies were formed (Ballet de la Universidad de Chile and Ballet Clásico).… Read More »