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Brief History of Ecuador

According to localcollegeexplorer, the oldest Indian culture is Valdivia in Costa (3.5-2 thousand years BC). 14th-15th centuries – in the Sierra, the chiefdom (“kingdom”) Kitu with the capital Quito. 1463-1500 – Inca conquest. 1527 – Inca Atahualpa in the struggle for power relied on Quito. 1534 – Spanish conquest of the Sierra (S. de Benalcasar)… Read More »

Ecuador Culture and Traditions

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION According to thesciencetutor, the Ecuadorian ethnic mosaic, at the base of the traditions and cultures present in the country, has found a synthesis, often colorful, in the urban centers, but the inland areas have remained the predominance of the Indians, in turn divided into tribes and lineages of different origins and nevertheless,… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Ecuador

Ecuador is a wonderful country the trip across the mainland is uncomplicated, entertaining and scenic experience. Regardless of whether you go on a tour or spend your time on one of the numerous haciendas, a vacation in Ecuador always offers wonderful nature, good food and hospitable people. Ecuador is suitable for traveling all year round,… Read More »